5 Simple Tips for Effective Fax Ad Designs

5 Simple Tips for Effective Fax Ad Designs

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Effective Fax Ad Designs

If you're just starting out with fax advertising, it can seem like a daunting venture. How should I even design a fax ad? It's worth the investigation, however, as bulk fax can be a highly effective tool to advertise special promotions and seasonal sales. So we're here to help you get started with a few handy tips about how to design a great ad for a fax broadcast.

1. Be aware of the medium's restrictions. Actually they're not restrictions, they're design challenges that inspire you to greatness. Black and white images and text. Usually not the highest print quality. Think clean and simple. And don't use tiny fonts or scrolling fonts or anything that may be difficult to read. You want your fax ad to immediately stand out.

2. Include a coupon if possible. Bulk fax is a great way to send coupons. The incentive to buy and get a special deal is right in the customer's hands.

3. Don't overcrowd your page. You need to leave enough white space so that readers' attention will be directed toward the important information. If your fax advertising message has too much text and/or overwhelming images, readers will not be engaged and may just place the message in the recycling bin.

4. Use clearly defined sections for effect. For example, your company name at the top of the page, an image on the left side, a strong call to action in the center. The things you really want readers to focus on should be on the upper part of the page.

5. The physical size of the page can be used to your advantage. I once saw a great bulk fax ad for an acupuncture practice that had the outline of a hand in the center of the page and said "place your hand here." Next to each part of the hand, it had a very brief explanation of how that part was supposed to affect pain in other parts of the body and how it would be treated with acupuncture. Of course, the call to action was "Reach Out to Us for Pain Relief." If you can get people to actually interact with your message, you're on your way to success.

Once you have designed your bulk fax ad, you need an effective way to get it out to your customers. Bulk fax software is an easy, efficient way to broadcast your latest greatest fax advertisement. It allows you to easily create your fax message (to make your designed vision come to life) and schedule a time for your message to be sent automatically. You don't have to get your hands dirty with an old-school fax machine, so you save time and avoid the hassles of paper jams and ink smudges.

Want to improve your fax ad broadcasting?

Try out SimplyCast's bulk fax software today. It's easy to use and affordable. By the way, it's completely free to sign up for a SimplyCast account so there's no risk.

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