5 Quick Tips to Improve Your Conversion Rate: Email

5 Quick Tips to Improve Your Conversion Rate: Email

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Improve Your Conversion Rate

5 quick tips to improve your conversion rates when it comes to your email newsletter.

1) Subject Line

One of the golden rules of any email marketing campaign is an intriguing and captivating subject line. Why does this matter to your overall conversion rate? Well, it starts with your subscriber opening your email. Really, it's that simple. It doesn't matter how big your list size is or how compelling your content is, you, fundamentally, need your subscribers to open your email. Otherwise, your conversion rate is meaningless. Check out our previous post called Pro Tips: Write Better Subject Lines for some more tips on improving that first impression.

2) Great Content

Okay, so, you have your awesome subject line in place, and your subscriber opens your email. Now what? Wow them with your content, of course! That means that, depending on your subscribers' habits and history, you're tailoring your content to meet their needs. Is that it? No, of course not! Sure, you have a great message, but is it written well? Captivating? Loaded with relevant links? Easy to navigate "call to actions?"

3) Testimonials

Dating back to the years of direct mail and even, word-of-mouth advertising, still one of the remaining tried and true marketing strategies are to include customer testimonials. In your email, however, these testimonials need only be snippets, whereby you drive your subscribers to your customer testimonial landing page. Want some bonus points to increase your conversion rate? Add some third party or other business affiliates testifying on how your products or services are the best. This works especially well with well-known brands. Just check out our homepage at SimplyCast.com to see this in action!

4) Simplify Action

Regardless of whether your email marketing campaign promotes your latest product or offering the best new deal around, ensure that it is easy to "cash-in." If you have to make your subscribers jump through proverbial hoops to get to your offer, then it increases the chance of them leaving unsatisfied. If there is a "call to action," make sure that it is as easy as clicking on a button or link, directing them to the correct landing page. Again, you don't want your subscribers to work for what you're offering.

5) Include Validation Icons

Much like customer and third-party testimonials, including "validation" icons in your email content encourages conversion. Meaning, if you belong to your local chamber of commerce or have a high rating with the Better Business Bureau, then include those logos. People (subscribers) trust what they know, and if you've already been validated by a service that they recognize, then they'll be more likely to click on whatever link you have. Seriously. Think old-timey advertisements here. These methods still apply and are entirely relevant! Another addition is to include what payment methods your business accepts: PayPal, Amex or VISA. These, again, are universally recognizable logos that boost your sales message. Please also check out 5 Quick Tips to Improve Your Conversion Rate: The Landing Page.

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