5 Tips for How to Make an Event Successful

5 Tips for How to Make an Event Successful

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how to make an event successful

With summer just around the corner, a large number of events are on the horizon. With outdoor festivals, sports events and fundraisers happening, it is the perfect time to start getting people involved and informed. Here are a few tips on how to make an event successful.

First, let's talk about some things you should avoid in your marketing. The three following phrases are used in event marketing all the time: "For a Limited Time," "The Biggest Event of its Kind" and "Space is Limited!" These phrases are, in fact, seen so often that they have lost a lot of their impact. They sound stale and are usually not completely true (and people know it). There are many other phrases like these that have become commonplace in event marketing. Before putting "tickets are going fast," think about how people will react. It is likely that they have become accustomed to hearing that line and will probably put no urgency behind it to make the purchase.

How do take your event marketing to the next level by generating the necessary hype? Let's start with content as the first step in how to make an event successful.

1. Maintain a Blog

Setting up a blog is a great way to get people involved in the event before it starts. Create blog posts highlighting the performers, speakers or awardees. Keep the blog focused on the event's purpose, goals and the benefits. Blogging helps distribute information and create an organic marketing opportunity to help with search engine results. You can promote your informative and entertaining blog content on your social media pages and keep everyone up to date in a creative way. Enlist guest bloggers to help power through the busy times and act as advocates for the event.

2. Get Social

Social media has become king when it comes to event promotion. With over a billion accounts on Facebook and more and more people entering the social media space everyday it would be unwise to ignore it. Automated social media campaigns are great for planned content. You need to keep in contact with your followers, answering questions and staying on top of comments. You can even post videos of the event and guest speakers.

3. Survey Your Guests

What makes for the best promotion is when your guests say positive things about the event. So after the event, reach out to your guests and get them to fill out a short satisfaction survey. This can be easily done through email or on your social media page. If you think your response rate may not be very high, you can include an incentive that guests will receive after completing the survey (like a contest entry or a coupon for a local business). Remember, your guests will always be your best advocates!

4. Location Location Location

Never let anyone say that location doesn't matter. It does, and if you have a great location you will attract more guests. It doesn't necessarily have to be the most expensive location. Instead of going for the most popular venue and paying premium prices, try a less popular venue that still offers a great space.

5. Get Organized

You don't always have a year to plan your big event. But there are ways to help you get through the time crunch when getting your event off the ground. Create an attractive idea which will not only engage fans but also sponsors. Then put together a basic schedule for the event and what needs to be done. Get your speakers or performers selected and signed on, book your location, figure out your ticketing, get your event crisis plan together and get your marketing plan ready. Though it can seem overwhelming, especially for newcomers to the event planning world, if you can make and stick to a event planning schedule, you should have no problem pulling off a legendary event!

Want more information on how to make an event successful?

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