5 Easy Ways to Amplify Your Social Reach Today

5 Easy Ways to Amplify Your Social Reach Today

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Amplify Your Social Reach

Marketing is all about generating new leads. Whether it be through email marketing, SMS marketing or voice broadcasting, at the end of the day, we all want more leads.

Are you taking advantage of a little thing called social media to amplify your reach and generate new leads from those would not normally find your business or product?

If not, you need to be.

By growing your social media reach, you are making the pool much bigger from where you can draw from for new clients and new business.

To get you started on the right track, we have put together 5 of the easiest ways to amplify your social reach. Not only that, they are all tips that you can start today (right now).

Want to learn what they are? Of course you do. Read on.

5 Easy Ways to Amplify Your Social Reach Today

1. Put Social Sharing Buttons on Everything

This is by far the most important (and easiest) step of all. If you want people to share your content, you have to make it easy. These are called social call-to-actions and will engage readers to share content if they find it worthy. You also have to have social following calls-to-action on your properties. This way the reader will know that you are on that social site and they can like or follow you. This is expanding your social reach because not everyone who engages socially are your current clients. They may of followed you or shared something because one of their friends did it first. The best place to add social buttons would be your website, blog, email signatures, email newsletters, any digital printing or even t-shirts. Think about it, it almost seems weird to see a company who does not have social buttons on their site. This can even turn off users because it signifies to them that you are not a up-to-date organization (at least social media wise).

2. Write Different Content for Different Social Sites

If you have tried to write the same content to cover all of the social sites, you probably are missing out on opportunities. Each social networking site is its own beast. Twitter is short and sweet. Facebook you can expand and interact with comment-generating status updates, YouTube is video related - you get the idea. Each audience is different as well. It is not beneficial to just post the exact thing across the networks because you are missing out on engaging those fans who watch you on all networks. They don't want to see the same message 5 times. Even if you rewrite the message, it is better. Get to know your audience on each network you use and write the content accordingly.

3. Respond to Fans and Followers - Quickly

People expect quick replies. That is the nature of the game. So you need to do your best to reply or at least acknowledge someone engaging with you. Being chatty is not a bad thing. It shows others you are really trying to interact and not just there because you have to be. If you use marketing automation, make sure you mix in some real-person messages and monitor the reactions. As you build that trust up that there is a real person behind the curtain, you will get a much bigger reach to turn into leads at a later date.

4. Keep Your Profiles Updated

This one can be difficult. If you are going to set up an account, you must keep it updated and fresh. If there are no plans to use Google + for example, you can't expect people to show interest. You need to keep up that fresh appearance and make it interesting for a new person to want to follow you. Also change profile photos or about information every so often just to shake things up.

5. Create #hastags

Want to clear the clutter on Twitter and make it easy for people to find your content? Create a unique hashtag for your company or event. This helps networking on every level and makes it easier to find company-related tweets. The best example is if you hold an event or trade show of some kind.  The people at your event are one of the greatest ways to amplify your social media reach because they will tweet about it to their followers while attending. So, make sure you create a hashtag for your event and have it posted everywhere. You can then monitor the hashtag and retweet some of the best tweets to show you appreciate their sharing.

Many More

Other methods include easy-to-enter contests, focus on content that could catch on (think videos or infographics), leverage one social following to grow another and finally just plain asking people to follow. If you have frontline staff, they have the perfect chance to throw a request in their communications.

So, there you have it, 5 quick tips on how to amplify your social media reach. Each of these tactics doesn't cost much other than your time and dedication to the social networks.

What have you used to amplify the social reach of your organization? We would love to hear in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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