Automated Call Services: Improve Your Voice Marketing

Automated Call Services: Improve Your Voice Marketing

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Automated Call Services

Automated calling, also known as voice broadcasting, has been used successfully by businesses in a wide variety of industries for years. Businesses use their favorite automated call services to create voice messages in order to provide information or send marketing messages.

Voice broadcasting is also a great way to quickly reach people who do not have internet access. An automated calling service can make this even easier. With a reputable automated voicemail solution, you will receive reports of who answered your calls and who didn't. In many cases, you also have the ability to leave a message if the person does not pick up.

We are going to look at some of the most effective ways to use voice broadcasting.

Appointment Reminders

People are naturally forgetful, and many people miss appointments because they mix up the time or date. A timely voice message on the day of the customer's appointment is the ideal solution to the problem of no-shows. Many businesses have a staff member call customers manually but this can take a long time if you have a lot of customers. Voice broadcasting is the way to go.

Who uses automated calling in this way? Spas, health clinics, automotive dealerships, banks and credit unions.

Closures or Cancellations

Many businesses use voice messages to let their employees know when work has been closed due to weather or for other reasons. Other organizations also notify people about appointment cancellations or business closures using voice broadcasting because it is a quick way to reach a large number of people.

Who uses an automated call service in this way? Offices, schools, universities, businesses.

Subscription Renewals or Membership Renewals

Automated calling is a great way to remind customers that they need to renew their memberships or subscriptions because you can set up an automated voice message to go out to each customer before the date of their renewal happens. This way, when you have a large list of customers to reach, the automated voice solution does all the work for you ahead of time. If a customer wishes to renew, all they have to do is press a number to speak with a customer care representative who will handle the rest of the renewal process.

Who uses an automated call service in this way? Gyms and athletic clubs, retail stores, libraries.

Event Updates

Event coordinators use voice broadcasting to update their many guests about important changes to the location, date or time of the event. Voice messages are easy to change on short notice, and using automated call services allows event planners to keep guests informed about all the essential details.

Who uses an automated call service in this way? Nonprofit organizations, recruitment firms, businesses.

Emergency Measures

Sending automated voice messages is one of the most effective ways to reach everyone in an affected area. Most people have either home phones or cell phones (or both) and a quick voice message lets everyone know if there is an approaching blizzard, a potential flood warning, a forest fire evacuation or anything else. Voice messages allow for fast and effective distribution of vital information to help keep everyone safe.

Who uses automated call services in this way? Police departments, fire departments, town councils, apartment managers.

Need automated call services?

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