45 Reasons to Use SimplyCast's Marketing Software

45 Reasons to Use SimplyCast's Marketing Software

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With a new year already underway, organizations large and small are trying to get off to a fresh start when it comes to generating new leads and building a stronger following.

Forget all the buzzwords and jargon drifting around the Internet, the only thing you need is an easy-to-use marketing software solution that automates the process for you.

That is why more small, medium and large businesses are turning to SimplyCast to get the job done.

Before you sign up for a 100% free account, here is a list of 45 reasons to use SimplyCast's marketing software, and then we will let you be the judge.

Here we go!

1. First and foremost, we have a passionate team that lives to help you succeed. We are very proud of the feedback our support gang gets and everyone who goes that extra mile to help the client (you).

2. One login for endless marketing tools. No need to keep that scrap piece of paper next to your computer with 10 different passwords on it.

3. No tech skills needed. Our customers range from small mom and pop stores to enterprise organizations with a team of marketers. The common theme, you don't have to be a programmer or designer.

4. One platform of tools that covers online, offline, social and mobile marketing. We started out with email marketing but have evolved into an all-in-one marketing automation powerhouse.

5. An entertaining marketing blog that you are reading right now.

6. Email marketing that provides all the features you need and more.

7. The power of an API so you can easily integrate with us.

8. A massive Twitter profile that keeps marketers engaged and informed daily.

9. An office full of nerf guns that keeps us on our toes.

10. One of the best online form builder products going. The features are crazy-good.

11. A website that engages, informs and makes it easy to find what you want. Click home to see it from the start.

12. The option to sign up or login via your favorite social network.

13. A reseller program that lets you rebrand our technology.

14. Fax marketing. Yep, we know the industry is not dead, that is why we are No.1 for bulk fax blasts.

15. An epic free account for everyone who signs up. That gives you 30,000 emails to send to 2,000 contacts, every month.

16. Gorgeous HTML templates for any occasion. We keep adding more so keep an eye out.

17. Social applications like Twitter automation and creating your own Facebook apps. This helps to reach a whole new audience.

18. Data centers in Canada and the United States. Choose where you want to store client and marketing data.

19. Simple but powerful SMS marketing tool. Check out the keyword feature in particular.

20. We use Google +! Yes that is reason enough to spend time with SimplyCast.

21. We stay on top of the newest technology and newest ideas. One way we do this is we hire fresh out of college grads.

22. A managed service is there for those who don't want to do the work. We will put your campaign together and send it on your behalf.

23. We live and work in the best place in the world. Nova Scotia, Canada. You should visit some time.

24. Creating landing pages that convert with our landing page creation tool.

25. We provide solutions right off the bat no matter what industry you are in. See for yourself.

26. We partner with some of the best companies in tech and other industries. Check out our client list.

27. Want to pull feedback about your company? We make it easy to create an online survey that gets answers.

28. Pay using credit card or PayPal. Whatever works for your business.

29. Looking for a secure feeling? We get that. Our company has many credentials including an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

30. Very flexible pricing. We only want you to pay for the volume and features you need.

31. Online demos before you buy. Want our team to show you around the software? Just give us a call.

32. Voice broadcasting. Yes, we said voice. Record a voice message and broadcast it to your client list. Great for appointment reminders.

33. A monthly newsletter called the Multi-Channel Marketing Insider. It shares all the latest at SimplyCast as well as a special offer.

34. Live chat. We make it easy to connect and send you on your way happy. Ask one of our representatives today.

35. A vast library of articles, FAQs and university courses to help you out with all aspects of online marketing.

36. Let our software promote and manage your next event.

37. If you are looking to work at SimplyCast, we have many exciting careers waiting for you to apply for.

38. Very, very, very secure operation. You trust us with your business and we take that seriously.

39. Expert marketing services for those that want that extra bit of help.

40. Top-rated list management features. Your lists are in good hands with  us. We even integrate with all of the top CRM solutions.

41. 11 languages and growing. Anyone can transform the application to the language of their choice with one click.

42. One of the leading IP monitoring tools around - our ace in the hold called Blacklist Monitor.

43. Active on social media including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

44. An application that is built for speed. Our team is always optimizing so you never have to wait.

45. Reports full of data that will have your boss patting you on the back. Print or export numbers for further crunching.

So as you can see, there are endless reasons to use SimplyCast's marketing software to grow your business. But the only one you really need to know is, our team lives and breaths technology and marketing and we want every single person using our service to have fun and have success. Sign up today.

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