6 Local Government Communications that Reduce Your Workload

6 Local Government Communications that Reduce Your Workload

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Local Government Communications

Running a successful government is hectic and it's also a lot of work. Automating many small tasks saves your staff hours of time each day. Automated messages enable you to connect with many more supporters and citizens than you ever thought possible. Let's look at some of the processes you can easily automate.

1. Easily collect data from citizens. Use online signup forms and surveys to automatically gain information. All data entered is collected so you can easily view reports and learn more. Use surveys to learn how citizens feel about specific issues, how many citizens take the bus, who attends public community events and so on.

2. Widen awareness about new laws and bylaws. In order to get the word out and educate people, spread your message far and wide on social media. Post automated updates over time to help citizens learn about the new laws so they will be aware. Posts and tweets are likely to be shared with additional people on social media. Keep messages short and to the point, and provide links that people can click to learn more.

3. Immediately communicate with citizens during an emergency situation. With an all in one automated communication solution, you can send messages to thousands of citizens in just minutes. Messages are sent at the same time through email, voicemail, text message and social media. This ensures that everyone gets the important message in time to be prepared.

4. Organize community events with ease and gain more attendees. Automated invitations and reminders make it so much easier to keep everyone on track. Rather than having your staff contact hundreds of people manually, it is done automatically in a fraction of the time. The automated solution also creates a landing page for you where guests can go to learn more information. You can even create simple tickets.

5. Provide immediate support to citizens with live chat. People inevitably have questions and feedback about municipal bylaws, transportation services, garbage collection, building permits and so on. Don't make your staff spend hours on the phone every day. Live online chat is a simple way to communicate with your citizens. You get notifications whenever a chat pops up and you can transfer chats between staff members.

6. Automatically manage your government social media pages. Social media is a great source of information and it is also highly interactive. People can comment, retweet and share content with a wider audience. By posting automatic updates, you can engage your community and provide continuous information. Yet it is simple and doesn't take up your staff's time.

These are just a few tasks that are made much simpler and more efficient with automation tools. Instead of ten staff members trying to manage your communication, one or two staff members can use the automated solution to successfully run complex campaigns and maintain consistent communication.

How does it work?

SimplyCast 360 is an all-in-one automated solution. It includes over 15 tools, including the ones listed above and automated email communication. It features a simple drag and drop interface so even non-technical users can easily design professional messages and campaigns.

SimplyCast 360 is ideal for government because it has multi-user accounts. These accounts allow multiple people to work on campaigns or messages with varying levels of permissions. The master account holder sets the permissions for each user and the permissions kick in when the user logs in.

Whether you have 5000 people in your community or 50,000 our powerful built-in Contact Manager keeps a detailed profile of each contact. The Contact Manager is free for all users.

Is it good for government use?

SimplyCast 360 is ideal for governments. As mentioned, it includes multi-user accounts so each staff member can work on campaigns and you have control over what they can do. Safety and security are essential to us, and we have separate data centers for our customers' important data.

The solution is also highly customizable so it can be adapted for a number of different purposes. If you would like to see a specific feature, let our team know and we will see if we can develop it and add it.

How can I try an automated government communications for free?

Sign up for a 14 day free trial of our automated government communication solution. You can try creating messages and setting up campaigns. Our team is always here to help you and give you an interactive demo.

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