7 Things You Should Never Do in a Voice Broadcast

7 Things You Should Never Do in a Voice Broadcast

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Voice Broadcast

Voice broadcasting can be a highly effective way to connect with your customers. However, there are some things you just should not do in a voice broadcast.

1. Don't send voice messages without permission. It will not benefit your marketing campaign or your company reputation, and will only annoy your customers.

2. Don't send very long voice broadcast messages. In order to engage your subscribers, messages should be brief and to the point. If you place your important information at the end of a long message, many subscribers will not receive the information because they may simply hang up before hearing it. Get to the point to keep subscribers interested.

3. Don't forget to provide a way for subscribers to connect through to a customer service representative if they have any questions or feedback. Make it easy for your subscribers to reach you, such as telling them to press 1.

4. Don't send out a voice broadcast message that doesn't have a friendly greeting and say who the call is from. If your subscribers don't recognize the message, they may just hang up. Including a greeting is just a best practice that helps to engage the subscriber right from the beginning.

5. Don't send after 8:00 at night or before 9:00 in the morning. If you wake people up with your voice broadcast, your subscribers will be extremely upset. Check your subscribers' time zones before you send too if you're sending to different locations.

6. Don't forget to include a call to action that encourages your subscribers to purchase, go online or whatever you want them to do. For example, you could say "Press 2 now to speak with our customer service team to renew your membership."

7. Don't send voice broadcasts without knowing the laws, regulations and best practices of your country and any other countries to which you are sending. If you are not familiar with the laws, don't send. You may be unknowingly violating voice broadcasting laws.

Visit the SimplyCast voice broadcasting page for more information.

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