7 Quick Tips: What Metrics the Experts Look At

7 Quick Tips: What Metrics the Experts Look At

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What Metrics the Experts Look At

Though we've already covered the basic metrics every marketer needs to monitor, we're taking it a step further.

In this post, instead, we're ranking what is the most important metrics to look at against the least, according to marketing experts.

With these rankings, you'll be able to gain a more comprehensive and thorough understanding of not only your website but your email marketing campaign, SMS, and social media presence.

In essence, these are the very best of any metrics to analyze that will cover all of your online marketing channels.

Furthermore, expert analytics for all of your online channels will provide you with more than just raw customer data. It will illuminate your sales and customer satisfaction as well. Also, the data that directly reflects the success of your marketing strategy and products.

When looking at your data, ask expert questions.

1) Keywords

  • How are your visitor's (customers) finding you?
  • What keywords are they searching for that brings them to your website?
  • Are they finding you correctly and directly?
  • What are the top keyword searches?
  • Do the top keywords reflect your business accurately?

2) Visit Length

  • How long are your customers staying on your website?
  • Generally, what is the average visit time?
  • Correlating to keyword searches and entry pages, what is the average visit time?
  • Which keywords generate longer visits?

3) Popular Pages

  • Which pages draw the most hits?
  • Which pages draw the least?
  • What is the correlation between keywords and your most popular pages?

4) Entry Pages

  • Which page did your customer land on?
  • Is there a correlation between landing pages and your on-going promotions?
  • Is your home page the most popular entry page?
  • What is the correlation between keywords and your entry page?

5) Exit Pages

  • Which page did your customer leave on?
  • Is it the same as the entry page?
  • Is there a negative relationship between certain keywords, visit length and exit pages?

6) Search Engine Referrals

  • Which search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo) did your customer find you on?
  • Which search engine refers the most visitors?
  • What is your rank on each search engine?
  • What is the correlation between keyword searches and search engines?
  • What is the relationship between search engines and entry pages?

7) Visitor Data

  • Where are most of your visitors coming from?
  • Are they local to your business?
  • What state or city ranks the highest on searches?
  • What is the correlation between countries and visit length (IE: distinguishing from automated searches)?

By answering all of these questions with your user data, you will have a much more detailed look at how your marketing efforts are doing.

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