8 Metrics to Track Email Marketing Effectiveness

8 Metrics to Track Email Marketing Effectiveness

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You have created an amazing email marketing campaign, sent it off to your list of subscribers and figure it is time to relax and revel in a job well done.

Not so fast.

Putting together a successful email marketing campaign involves much more than the creative copy and sending it out.

You now have to track and measure the outcome to see how successful the campaign is and if it engages your readers as planned.

Think of it like the film industry. The creative process of a movie can take several months or longer before it hits a big screen near you.

But once a movie opens to the public that does not mean the job is over for those overseeing the entire production.

How was opening weekend at the box office? How many theatres did the movie screen in? Are people going back to see the movie again or telling friends?

These are just a few of the important metrics or statistics that need to be measured when analyzing how successful a movie is.

So what metrics are you measuring when it comes to your email marketing campaigns?

Here are 8 that will give you a better idea of what your subscribers are doing with the emailing and make future campaigns even more successful.

1. Delivery Rate – Measures the number of emails sent.
2. Open Rate – Measures the number of unique opens as a percentage of the numbers of emails delivered.
3. Bounce Rate – The percentage of bounced emails.
4. Click-Through Rate – Measures the number of unique link clicks as a percentage of the number of emails delivered.
5. Unsubscribe Rate – Measures who is unsubscribing from your lists.
6. ISP Feedback Rate – Measures who has reported your email as spam using ISP (Internet Service Provider) feedback mechanism.
7. Web view Rate – Measures the of email viewed using the web link.
8. Send-to-Friend Rate – Measures if any of your subscribers are sending the email to friends.

Now we are not saying these are the only metrics you should use to measure your campaigns. The bottom line is you need to create your own list of metrics depending on your own objectives.

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