8 Steps to Optimize Your Email Marketing

8 Steps to Optimize Your Email Marketing

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1. Anatomy of emails

Anatomy of an email marketing message When writing for email marketing, you must focus on three key areas: the "Fields"; the "Body Copy"; and, if applicable, the "Landing Pages". All require virtually equal attention.

2. Understand the "Fields"
These are what you see when an email drops into your inbox. Like an envelope, the Fields give you a hint of what's inside. With business people and consumers receiving multiple emails each day, the Fields are increasingly used to judge whether an email should be opened — or trashed. Fields of most concern to email marketers are the FROM field, the TO field, and the SUBJECT field.
3. Set a singular objective
Email is the wrong media for a diluted marketing message. Your purpose for writing — whether that be to make an offer, or announce a special — should be strong and crystal clear.
Rambling, saying too much, introducing extraneous information, or adding complementary offers will drive down response. The reason is, many Internet users will quickly scan your email message to determine if it's worth reading. If it doesn't come to the point, and stick to the point, your prospect will simply delete your message and move onto the next.
Used effectively, email is a powerful relationship building medium.
4. Target. Target. Target.
The flexibility and economies of email allow you to target with precision. So, make the most of this advantage. For example, if you are making an offer applicable to two different audiences — IT professionals and marketing managers, for example — write two versions of your email marketing message. The more you customize your email to specific target groups, the more successful your efforts will be.
5. Write to target
Develop a thorough understanding of the and sensibilities of your target market before you write. This will help you select a style and tone appropriate to the audience — be it business professionals, college students, or homemakers.
6. Focus on building the relationship
Email marketing is not a hit and run medium. It works best when you use it to build sustainable relationships with prospects and customers. So, each time you write an email marketing message, remember that you're building a relationship in addition to trying to generate a lead, hit, or sale. Building a solid relationship with your email marketing list will lead to higher response rates in future campaigns.
7. Plan for rapid fulfillment
Sluggish fulfillment leads to dissatisfied customers. So, make sure you have all the internal resources in place to handle fulfillment of premiums, leads and other responses to your email marketing campaign. You may be surprised at the amount of response you receive from your efforts — often within hours of your emails being transmitted.
8. Think in two parts, not one
An email marketing campaign has two parts, not one: the email your customer receives; plus the hyperlink embedded in the email that he or she clicks on to respond to your offer. This link takes the customer to a web page with a reply form (to email marketers, this is called the landing page). The landing page requires almost as much attention to writing and design as the email itself.

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