A Peek Inside SimplyCast: Your First Day

A Peek Inside SimplyCast: Your First Day

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Your First Day

On your first day at SimplyCast, you are given two tools: an employee resource binder and a nerf gun. While this isn't your normal welcome package, it does an excellent job at setting the stage for what you will experience on the job - a strong group of individuals who take ingenuity and professionalism and marry it with creative innovation.

The energy in the office is palpable - like static buzzing in the air before a strike of lightning. Developers smiling as they have coffee and prepare to tackle the day's workload, customer service reps talking solutions between phone calls while copywriters and designers let ideas flow from their minds to their monitors with methodical strokes.

When you're taken on a tour of the office, you quickly come to realize that much like Dartmouth, the city SimplyCast calls home, it's a mosaic of individuality. Everyone's workstation is decorated with memorabilia from music, video games, and sports to proudly display their interests.

As you settle in and begin to pour yourself over the introduction materials, you quickly find yourself engrossed in every facet of SimplyCast's 360 suite, learning how each application works in tandem to provide optimal success for users as they execute campaigns. There is no training without practice however, as part of getting to know the system is creating your own campaign by using a number of applications from email messaging, SMS marketing, and text-to-speech voice calling to name a few. Throughout this process, you have a team of people who welcome questions and advice on using the platform so you can get the most out of your training.

When the time nears 3pm, everyone gets up for a mandatory 15-minute break to stretch their muscles and minds. Some go out for coffee, others go for a walk or play a quick game of foosball. Everyone makes sure that you have a quick break from your tasks so that they don't lose sight of the big picture and get lost in the details.

Refreshed and renewed, everyone returns to their stations ready to conquer more tasks before the day is out. The energy stays high as the office continues to work away with the occasional nerf shot being fired between stations. As it steadily heads towards a close, your day ends with a check in from managers to see how everything is going and if what you've read and worked on has given you any ideas for new products or improvement. A fresh set of eyes is highly valued to the growing company with any and all new thoughts welcomed.

As the evening sun streams in through the windows and you pack up to head home, it's hard to not feel like you've stumbled into a unique experience. After all, not everyone gets to end their work day preparing both their notes and nerf gun for the next morning.

Interested in working at SimplyCast? Visit our Careers page.

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