SimplyCast Blog: Access to More Storage Space for Photos

Access to More Storage Space for Photos

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If you have not already read, SimplyCast is launching Version 5.0 of our email marketing service very soon. To make the countdown a lot more fun, we are sharing a few details on each of the new features as we get closer and closer to an August 10th launch.

Today I want to quickly let you know that we have increased the file storage space for when you are using our editor to create your campaigns. Why is this good news? Well, basically think of going from a normal sized closet that is bursting at the seams with gifs and jpegs, and upgrading to a walk-in closet with all kinds of extra storage. 40 MB to be exact. Now, you don't have to be worried about overloading your account and instead focus on sending out awesome campaigns.

This is one of the cool, new features that will be added once the new version of SimplyCast goes online. You can beat the crowds and join now if you want. We will even give you a 5% discount right away just by going to the SimplyCast website and entering coupon code LAUNCH8.

There is plenty more news to come as we get closer to August 10, so stay tuned to the blog or even subscribe to our feed to make it easier.

Hope you are having a great weekend

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