Adding Automation to Your Marketing Strategy in Healthcare

Adding Automation to Your Marketing Strategy in Healthcare

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Marketing Strategy in Healthcare

 Being successful as a healthcare provider depends on your ability to build connections with patients. Yet maintaining relationships with hundreds or even thousands of patients can take up your entire day. What if you could contact clients throughout the year with personalized messages based on their appointment dates, medical history, drug plans and much more.

This type of personal targeting is now possible. Using an automated healthcare solution, you can build patient loyalty and increase staff efficiency. And you can do it all from a single solution that allows you to contact patients and promote your healthcare practice over multiple modes of communication.

Remind Patients of their Appointments with Automated Voice Calls

Ensuring that patients make their appointments is hard work. An automated solution keeps track of each patient's important dates and contacts them for scheduled appointment dates. An automated phone call is a great way to let a patient know that they are due for an appointment. Another automated call on the day of the appointment keeps the patient on time. Automated voicemail is perfect for healthcare reminders.

Fill Empty Appointment Slots with Automated Text Messages

When patients cancel or miss appointments, this means a loss in revenue and wasted time. Ask patients who have been waiting for appointments to sign up for a quick alert system. Whenever an appointment slot opens up, have an automated text message sent out to the waiting list. Whoever responds first gets the appointment they have been seeking. It's simple and efficient, and keeps your schedule full.

Gather Patient Data with Online Surveys and Forms

How do you easily gain information about new potential patients? Have them fill out a simple online form listing allergies, medication, medical history, any healthcare plans they are on and so on. When you want to learn more about your current patients' experiences with your healthcare practice, send out a simple automated online survey. Results are gathered and organized so you can learn valuable feedback in order to improve your services. This will also help you learn which services you should be marketing.

Manage Social Media Pages with Ease

Did you know that the vast majority of patients research healthcare facilities online before they decide to use their services? Healthcare marketing is all about getting your name out there and building trust. Your social media pages are great for promoting your services, showing awards that you have won, letting visitors know about your clinic hours and posting satisfied patient testimonials. Being able to easily find this information builds confidence and trust in potential patients.

Thinking about adding automation to your marketing strategy in healthcare? Sign up for a 14 day free trial and a free demo of our healthcare marketing software, SimplyCast 360.

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