Add to Your CRM Offering with Marketing Automation Tools

Add to Your CRM Offering with Marketing Automation Tools

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Marketing Automation Tools

You work hard to ensure that your CRM solution meets and exceeds all your customers' needs. You want to grow your business and provide a comprehensive solution. But there are so many CRM solutions available now, which means that you have a lot of competition. You need something that sets your CRM apart from others.

Developing your own tools is great, but it takes time and money. You need to stand out from the crowd now. By reselling a ready-made solution, you gain tools that compliment your CRM offering. Some of the best, most in-demand tools you can offer your customers now are marketing automation tools.

SimplyCast offers the most comprehensive all-in-one platform of marketing automation tools available on the market. Our solution offers an API that enables you to easily integrate your CRM system. Once you get all set up, your customers have the ability to efficiently automate their marketing campaigns.

You offer the marketing automation tools under your own brand, so your customers can use your CRM tools and the additional new tools simultaneously. Information flows from the CRM and feeds into customers' marketing campaigns. This simplifies the process of personalizing marketing messages and campaigns. It enables customers to save time and increase efficiency, while making the most of their staff resources and budget. It makes it easy and accessible for even your small business customers to run highly complex marketing campaigns using the power of automation.

So that's how the reseller solution benefits your customers. How does it benefit your business?

Reselling marketing automation tools enables you to gain an additional revenue stream while still keeping everything under your own brand. You keep all your own customers and you set your own prices. You are in complete control and you can earn unlimited revenue.

Reduce client churn by providing a more complete solution than your competitors. Your customers have no reason to go anywhere else when they have everything they need. The solution includes over 15 marketing and communication tools, including email, text message, voicemail, survey, social media management, live chat, signup forms, detailed web tracking and more.

Marketing automation is one of the fastest-growing industries, and you can enter it right now. Reselling a turn-key solution enables you to start earning extra revenue right away. Our tools have a proven success rate and they are already built and tested.

Build loyalty and increase customer stickiness by providing the tools that your customers need. Keep it all under your own solution to maintain brand consistency. It's easy to set up your new reseller solution and there are no recurring fees.

If you would like more information, our partnership team is standing by to answer your questions. Drop them a line at

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