Add Google Analytics to Your Next Email Campaign

Add Google Analytics to Your Next Email Campaign

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Add Google Analytics

 Did you know you can add Google Analytics to your email campaigns? SimplyCast already tracks links that you include in your emails, but we can expand on the information you see if you add in Google Analytics. So, what data can you see?

  • Campaign Name – This is the Campaign Name you enter on the Scheduling page when you enable this feature.
  • Medium – This is set to "Email" for the type of campaign sent
  • Project Name – This is the name of the project in your account

These additional parameters are added to the tracking links so Google Analytics can track this data.

How Do I Add Google Analytics to My Campaign?

You can see a video of the process. Or keep reading.

To set up Google Analytics in your email campaign so you can track click data in detail, login to your SimplyCast account. Go to the Email Dashboard and use the Schedule button to set up your email campaign.

On the scheduling page, there is a Google Analytics section. In this section:

  • Check the Enable Google Analytics check box to enable this feature.
  • Enter the Campaign Name. This name is used in the Campaigns section of Google Analytics.

How Do I Find the Information in Google Analytics?

Once the email campaign has been sent, log in to Google Analytics and take the following steps:

  • Go to Acquisitions.
  • Look for the Campaign section.

Google Analytics enables you to sort by Dimensions. This allows you to alter how the data is displayed.

If you don't have a SimplyCast account already, sign up for a free one.

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