SimplyCast Blog: Added Features of SimplyCast Version 6.2

Added Features of SimplyCast Version 6.2

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SimplyCast Version 6.2 Features

Version 6.2 full of exciting features and upgrades

As we told you last week, the latest and greatest edition of SimplyCast's all-in-one online marketing solution is here. Version 6.2 is live and ready for action. We know you are going to love all the added features and upgrades because many of them are what you have requested using our handy feedback form.

If you are a new user, well you are just in time to experience multi-channel marketing as it should be - simple, powerful and fun.

Here are just some of the latest features added in Version 6.2:

General – Features Added to Entire Application

- New date and time picker added to make it easy to schedule campaigns.

- Faster "Send Now" functionality that will get your campaigns out in no time.

- Improved reporting framework that is much faster and robust than before.

- Access to greater drill down reports featuring pie charts and graphs.

- Ability to change "From" email address (sender address) in main account settings.

- Pay any monthly overages without having to upgrade your account.

Speed & Deliverability

- Faster image serving. This means all images you add to your newsletters will load faster when received.

- Improved header and DKIM support. In short, greater deliverability.

HTML Editors

- Upgrade added to CK editor. You now have two editor choices, one that supports Image Maps and one does not.

- CK editor's image picker is much nicer to look at and much faster.

- New additions to our one-of-a-kind Visual Editor including mail merge, unsubscribe and a forward-to-a-friend feature.

- Ability to send a test from the editor page. - Overlays in the CK editor that allow you to view a preview without leaving your main project (fewer pages to go through).

- Ability to change the color of text and background in the Visual Editor.

Autoresponder Marketing

- New layout to simplify the process.

- Bulk action feature so you can edit all messages at once.

- Default settings feature so you can save time creating each message.

- Three types of triggers depending on whether you have a list or need a signup form created.

Twitter Marketing

- RSS feed to Twitter feature that lets you automatically send Tweets when you update your blog or website.

- Ability to pause, disable or restart a Tweet within a campaign.

- Reuse Tweets from previous campaigns.

- Updated time selection option.

List Management

- Manage subscription feature that allows users to choose what lists they want to stay on.

- Ability to upload an XLSX file. - Full support for integration tools such as Joomla, Salesforce, WordPress, and Drupal.

- Ability to sort list before exporting to your computer.

Fax Marketing

- System upgrades that have resulted in much faster sending speeds.

- Fax list segmentation.

Blacklist Monitor

- You will receive blacklisting notifications 10 times faster.

Signup Form

- More field options added to give you the ability to further personalize your signup form.

Affiliate Marketing

- All SimplyCast clients can become a partner and earn commissions on each sale.

- Earn 70% commission on all initial sales and 30% on all recurring sales.

- No user fees or contracts to sign.

- Over 100 banner ads to use.

- Over 10 online marketing products to sell.

Event Marketing

- Full upgrade coming soon. The entire Event Marketing tool is being redone to make it easier and more user-friendly.

As always, if you have a question, run into an issue or need further explanation on any of these new features, please let us know. You can leave a comment, email our customer care team or give us a call at 1.877.312.4979 ext. 3.

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