7 Improvements to Chiropractic Online Marketing

7 Improvements to Chiropractic Online Marketing

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Chiropractic Online Marketing

Chiropractic offices are notoriously plagued with marketing troubles, but we have a few tips to streamline your chiropractic online marketing strategy. People just don't visit specialists like chiropractors nearly as much as a general physician. As a result, it's important to keep clients coming on a regular basis. Here are seven easy tips that supply you with methods to streamline and assist your chiropractic online marketing strategy.

1. Set up reminders via automated messaging on the internet and beyond

One of the larger challenges for a chiropractic practice that chiropractic online marketing can help is that people have to keep their appointments in order for the office to earn consistent revenue. People often forget, however, that they have a chiropractic appointment, especially if they haven't been in in a while. So offer an opt-in when they book the appointment to have reminders go out before the appointment, and then again the morning of. This will help reduce no-shows and increase the revenue for the office. It will also improve the relationship between clients and their chiropractors.

2. Perform follow-up campaigns for patients to see how a chiropractic treatment helped them

After a treatment or during a series of treatments, set up a campaign that checks in to see how well the treatment is going, and if there are any other symptoms developing or other areas that need attention. This allows a chiropractor to adjust their approach accordingly as treatment continues. You can also use this to follow up and ensure that the client is following their recommended health plan. This helps to maintain a connection with clients, and care for them without needing weekly appointments. It also lets clients know that you're still there for them, and that they can rely on you even when they're not in the office.

3. Engage the community with basic health tips and chiropractic education via the internet

When you open a chiropractic practice, you want to be a part of the community as quickly as possible. As part of your chiropractor online marketing strategy, engage the community both by being a part of events and by being a part of the digital community. Play little trivia games, offer health tips that will help people out, and supply them with chiropractic tips they can do at home to keep themselves in good shape. These things will make people feel that you really look out for them, and are willing to engage them. Be sure that there is some incentive to playing the trivia games or joining the page in the first place. It doesn't have to be huge, but the incentive will greatly improve the rate at which people join your page and share your content.

4. Design a referral program that works efficiently

A big problem with referral programs is that often those referrals are lost in the cracks somewhere in the process. Design an automated referral program that will clearly mark referrals for the office, and also track where they are coming from. This will allow you to moderate the referrals you can take and improve communication with the people or practices that refer to you. Using a landing page or a signup form would be an effective way to improve your chiropractic online marketing strategy when it comes to chiropractic referrals.

5. When someone is referred to you, offer them chiropractic education

When you get a new referral, have a greeting email sent out to them, letting them know that they've been accepted to your practice and you look forward to seeing them. As well, offer them education on what you're able to do and what you would have to refer them to a specialist for. This supports your relationship with a new patient, and also ensures that they know precisely what you can do for them.

6. Have a web page for your chiropractic practice and keep it optimized

Part of maintaining a growing customer base involves having a constant web presence so that people know you're there for them and trust that you're the best at what you do. Having your own website helps, but you want to be sure that your office is checking details surrounding that website. How many searches? What is the quality of your content? Try running a blog talking about new chiropractic research and what it means from your place in the chiropractic community. Any health office can benefit from chiropractic online marketing just like anyone else.

7. Make your chiropractic experience memorable

It's easy to present reminders and updates in a bland, clinical fashion but people don't just want chiropractic professionals. They also want people. So when you write to your clients, use bright templates, use conversational English, talk to clients like people and not objects. Make them feel like you are engaged in their own well being. After all, people want their chiropractic office staff to be interested in their health, right? A good client experience is a marketing cornerstone.

Want to learn more about other chiropractic online marketing ideas?

These tips are just a few of the many that could be given in response to the question "how can I improve my chiropractic online marketing?" And these can all be set up using marketing automation as well, giving you more time for your clients while still allowing you to be personal. Communicate with your patients quickly and effectively. Chiropractor internet marketing doesn't have to be a mystery, even for newcomers. Let SimplyCast help young and old practices streamline their chiropractor online marketing and communication. Have a look at our chiropractic marketing page, and then check out what our marketing automation platform can do. Contact us to learn more!

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