Is Your Agency Leveraging Marketing Automation Properly?

Is Your Agency Leveraging Marketing Automation Properly?

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Is Your Agency Leveraging Marketing Automation Properly

Agencies hold an important role in ensuring that their clients' businesses benefit from their services and increase their overall revenue and brand value. To do this, there are many tools that these agencies can take advantage of to streamline their processes. One of these tools is marketing automation.

Marketing automation is an increasingly more popular way for businesses and companies to increase their efficiency by automating many of the tasks that they are required to perform on a daily basis, and if your agency is not jumping on board with this time and money saving endeavor, then you are certainly missing out.

Here are just a few ways that your agency can leverage all the marketing automation tools that are out there to help serve your clients even better.

Lead capture forms

Lead capture forms make collecting new prospective customers for your clients even easier by having them sign up through an online form and having their contact information imported automatically into a CRM that is part of a larger marketing automation platform.

Using a marketing automation platform that includes a form builder makes your agency's job even easier by letting you create your lead capture form within the platform itself and host it on a landing page with its own link that you can take and promote through your other channels.

Social media posting

Another part of an agency's job can be to take care of their client's social media posting. Instead of making time every day to post on your clients' social media sites individually, by using a marketing automation platform that incorporates social media automation tools, you are able to schedule your clients' tweets and Facebook posts months in advance and have them post automatically.

Automating your clients' social media posting allows your client to maintain a strong and consistent social media presence while also giving you the opportunity to focus on other areas of your client's marketing strategy without having to worry about the social media aspect.

Feedback surveys

Feedback surveys are yet another way that agencies can leverage marketing automation to improve the service they provide to their clients. Feedback surveys can be sent out to clients' customers to receive information about how their product or service is being received and suggestions on how to improve the quality of service going forward.

A marketing automation platform will allow you to easily create simple feedback surveys with a variety of answer options, such as multiple choice, open-ended, radio buttons, and more. These surveys, along with the forms mentioned earlier, have the capacity to be either hosted on a landing page or for the link to be used for sending through multiple communication channels. It is an easy way for you to increase the engagement between your clients and their customers.

Nurture campaigns

Creating a nurturing campaign for your clients' customers can be a long and arduous process. You have to create each separate message for the customers as well as send each email, text, and phone call manually — and only after the customer has completed a previous step in the campaign's process.

Make things easier for yourself with the help of marketing automation! An automation platform will allow you to create your clients' lead nurturing campaigns and schedule them to deploy automatically whenever you need them to. You can even have the platform deploy the campaign through each customer's preferred method of contact with the click of a button. Insert choice elements into the campaign that will delay the campaign for a certain period of time or that will perform a certain action if the customer clicks a certain button.

Nurture campaigns can easily be automated to save agencies time and money and is a simple way to increase clients' overall rate of satisfaction with your agency.

Web tracking

An agency may also be required to provide statistics as to how a campaign is performing and decide which areas of that campaign are performing better than others as well as which ones may need to be improved. Using web tracking software can go a long way to ensuring the facts received are up-to-date and that the agency has the most recent and useful data when making these decisions.

By using a marketing automation platform that includes free web tracking software, your agency can easily track engagement by implementing tracking links and pixels into your clients' communications with their customers and receive detailed reports about how they are being interacted with. These reports will provide you with the information that you need to improve your clients' marketing strategies so that they (and you) can become even more successful.

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