Differentiate Your Agency with White Label Automation

Differentiate Your Agency with White Label Automation

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White Label Marketing Automation

What sets your marketing or advertising agency apart? What attracts new customers? In order to compete with other agencies, you need to provide more value and superior customer service.

Marketing automation is not just a useful add-on. It can also be used to make processes and campaign management more efficient in your own agency.

Agency365 is a unique new offering from SimplyCast. It enables you to seamlessly manage your staff on each marketing campaign, easily keep client accounts and payments organized and increase efficiency.

What is Agency365?

Agency365 is a solution specifically designed for marketing and advertising agencies. Our team gathered feedback from real agencies and designed the product around their common needs. Agency365 includes our all-in-one suite of marketing and communication tools.

Agency365 has ten unique client accounts and ten unique logins. The master user of the account sets the permissions for each additional user. All users login from the same point, but their individual permissions are activated based on their unique name and password.

You decide which staff members have access to campaigns, client billing, specific tasks and features. Permissions help you keep projects organized and ensure that the right people are working on your campaigns. Agency365 comes with 150,000 contacts that you may divide between the ten client accounts as needed.

What can I use Agency365 for?

Agency365 is very useful when you have various employees working on the same campaigns simultaneously. It keeps employees organized and ensures that everyone is working on their own assigned section of the project. You set specific permissions for how each employee uses the marketing automation software.

Agency365 makes it easier and more efficient to manage multiple client accounts. You manage your diverse client accounts through a single master account. This keeps data organized and saves time. All information is in the same place so it's easy to access, use, update and transfer.

You can also manage all your client billing and subscriptions through the Agency365 account. These functions are integrated into the software for maximum ease of use.

Does Agency365 include any special features and functionality?

Agency365 includes over 15 different channels for communication and marketing. Email is no longer the only game in town when it comes to engaging customers. Clients need the flexibility of multiple channels so they can build a strong brand and stay current. Having all the tools you need for your clients available in a simple all-in-one solution saves time and increases effectiveness.

Agency365 includes an integrated contact management tool. This makes it easy and fast to access the important information you need to optimize client campaigns. Data is automatically updated in order to save time and keep campaigns up to date.

I still have some questions about Agency365. What now?

To learn more about Agency365, please contact the SimplyCast team at sales@simplycast.com or call 1-866-323-6572, ext. 1. Our friendly team will be happy to answer your questions and provide additional information.

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