Should Your Agency White Label Marketing Technologies?

Should Your Agency White Label Marketing Technologies?

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White Label Marketing Technologies

The marketing automation industry is growing rapidly. As more and more potential leads and customers expect more personalized communications over more and more communication channels, the only want to stay on top of your marketing campaign is with marketing automation. This isn't new. In fact, almost 80 percent of top-performing companies have been using automation technology for over two years.

The benefits of marketing automation cannot be overstated. Over 40 percent of marketers say that automation is effective or very effective for creating and maintaining a cohesive journey for customers. This results in an average sales increase of 34 percent.

Day after day, agencies are losing out to brands who are now moving to in-house content teams. Even if an agency is using marketing automation technology, they're still losing out to the brands behind the technologies. What's left to do?

Some marketing automation companies offer a white labeled version of their platform that partners can rebrand and offer to their clients as their own product. Agencies can benefit greatly by opting to white label existing marketing automation technologies

5 Reasons to White Label

1. Brand differentiation from other agencies

In order to stay competitive, agencies need to set themselves apart from the competition. Being able to offer clients an innovative marketing automation platform is a great way to do this. You're offering your valuable technology, which benefits new and existing clients while setting yourself apart from other agencies.

2. New recurring revenue streams

Adding more to your offering provides you with a new revenue stream. As more and more clients join, your profit goes up. This is especially ideal for white labeled agencies because you don't need to maintain the technology; the vendor takes care of that! To further increase revenue streams, choose a platform that offers multiple channels and has those channels interact with each other. Multi-channel marketing automation platforms offer more, which allows you to, in turn, offer more to your clients and generate more revenue streams.

3. Scale a platform (rather manage accounts)

Instead of just having a white labeled account from which to do all your marketing, with the right solution you can have a fully white labeled platform. This means that the solution is automatically scalable as you grow and gives you greater control over the subscriptions you can offer your clients.

4. Allow customers access to branded reports

Having a platform that is branded as your own builds brand loyalty with your customers. Having branded reports within this platform just further ties the customer to your brand.

5. Having a good relationship with the vendor is beneficial

Even though you may not be the creator of the technology, having a good relationship with your vendor allows your agency to influence the roadmap of the vendor to get the features you need. This means that, with a good relationship, you can get the features you want in your platform without the need to spend time and resources on development.

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