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Version 8.5 of the SimplyCast application is about to launch in a week's time and we are pleased to report that we have a lot of great new features for you! Our team has been working hard and we are sure you will love the results.

Our SimplyCast 360 solution is getting better all the time. We now offer drag and drop labels and boxes to help you organize your SimplyCast 360 campaigns. The categories now have new and clearer names to help you find what you're looking for. Each link is now marked as "active" or "inactive", and the application lets you know what parts of your campaign you still have to complete.

SimplyCast 360 now offers a drop-down feature so you can view additional options for creating your campaign. The editor has had a slight redesign to simplify the editing process, and now you have the option to set up a trigger which will send to the same list repeatedly, yet not send duplicate messages to the same contact.

Now for our email application. Our editor has received some improvements and resizing to make it more straightforward to edit. It also has a new image grid with helpful descriptions.

Our fax application now provides cover page support, and the review checklist step has been redesigned to offer more helpful information when completing your fax campaigns.

As for form builder, you can now set a form to pop up when a visitor is on your page. This can help you to gain more subscribers from your web forms.

Our Twitter application also has some new updates. We have a new tweet editor and improved image support. The application now has advanced repeating settings, tweet expiration support and a new replacement tool for top-notch social media management.

And more good news! It is now much easier to upload your lists, so you always have full control over your important contacts and other data.

As always, we are excited to hear your opinions, feedback, and any questions you may have. You can contact our customer care team for assistance or suggestions.

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