Looking for Alternatives to Constant Contact Email Marketing?

Looking for Alternatives to Constant Contact Email Marketing?

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Looking for Alternatives to Constant Contact Email Marketing?

We have many customers who come over to us from Constant Contact, for many different reasons. These customers usually have questions about our products and services and want to know how our email marketing solution compares to Constant Contact's alternative email marketing solution. We are here to answer some of the most common questions we receive from those looking for alternatives to Constant Contact email marketing.

Constant Contact has resources to help customers learn how to use their tools effectively. Do you provide any training materials or demos?

Yes, we do. Our customer support staff do demos if you're looking to get a feel for our communication solution with absolutely no commitment or obligation. We do demos on several days of the week and you can sign up for a free demo by clicking the button below!.

On our website, like Constant Contact, we offer many free resources that all our customers can take advantage of. Our knowledgeable team is always adding more resources to help you with your campaigns and our collection currently includes blog posts, whitepapers, and FAQs.

If you're a visual learner, we also have awesome alternative video resources!

Constant Contact offers additional tools such as online surveys and social media campaigns. Do you offer any other tools besides just email marketing?

Yes, absolutely! SimplyCast, for those looking for alternatives to Constant Contact email marketing, offers a comprehensive suite of marketing and communication tools. Our tools include email marketing, text message marketing, voicemail communication, fax marketing, online surveys, contact management, autoresponder emails, signup forms, event management, Facebookblacklist monitoringweb tracking and a landing page generator.

All our tools can be used separately or can be wrapped up in a neat little solution called SimplyCast 360. SimplyCast 360 includes all our tools so you can easily set up campaigns that include different forms of communication. You could, therefore, create a campaign that reaches out to some customers through email, some through text messaging and some through voicemail. In the same campaign, you could manage your social media pages with relevant messages, send customers online surveys about your products and services and more.

How does your pricing compare to the Constant Contact alternative?

SimplyCast offers highly competitive pricing for email marketing, as well as for the other marketing and communication tools that we offer. We have some of the best pricing in the industry, and you can view more pricing information here.

And, like the Constant Contact alternative, we provide a free account signup.

What support hours do you offer?

We offer long and flexible support hours so we are always there for our customers when they need assistance with their campaigns. We currently provide phone and live chat support from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. EST and 9:00 p.m. EST to 5:00 a.m. EST. If you need support in between these hours, you can also email our customer care team or tweet us @simplycasthelp.

What if I'm bringing my lists over from Constant Contact? Do you support multiple list types?

Not a problem. We offer multiple ways to upload or create lists. You can upload a list from a file (csv, xls or xlsx), from text or from your CRM. You can also create a new list from text.

I use an alternative CRM solution. Is that OK?

Sure. We integrate with a number of CRMs including Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM, ZohoCRM and many more. You can use SimplyCast no matter where you store your important data.

If you have more questions, or if you are looking for alternatives to Constant Contact email marketing, please do not hesitate to contact our customer care team! And don't forget to request a free demo of our alternative to Contact Contact email marketing by clicking the button below!

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