Distribion Alternatives: Do More with SimplyCast

Distribion Alternatives: Do More with SimplyCast

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Distribion Alternatives

We can't think of anything more useful to great marketing and sales teams than a great marketing automation platform. That's why we built SimplyCast 360. We wanted an alternative to current marketing automation solutions that was something a little more comprehensive. Our platform is an excellent alternative to Distribion.

Looking at the basics, Distribion offers an array of email, social media and landing page marketing, as well as others. SimplyCast has all those, plus SMS, fax, and voice. This is just one way that we aim to do more and to be a leader in marketing automation with our easy to use platform that has all tools in the same place. With automation techniques and a wider array of channels, we can reach more customers than ever before.

With the recent release of our advanced tracking product, SimplyCast Sonar, you are able to track and automate customer profile updates and develop a better picture of how you can most effectively serve that customer. Combine this with our array of other communication channels, our integrations capabilities with all external CRMs, and our awesome automation options and you have a winning alternative to Distribion.

Our pricing is another factor that sets us apart. Each channel is available individually, or together in SimplyCast 360, and is backed up by a price match guarantee. We're that confident in our product. In addition, our packages start at just $49, something you can read right on our website without ever having to feel pressured into a sale. The same is not true of Distribion, whose pricing is not available on their website.

Affordable, robust and versatile, SimplyCast 360 is the best alternative. How does it get better? We also offer managed services, and with our low pricing and our array of products, everything can be taken care of in one place. If your contact data is already stored in a third party CRM, we integrate with them through a customizable plugin, so you are able to bring your data in. On top of all this we have our support team, who are dedicated and ready with resources and knowledge, plus onboarding for all our fully unlocked customers.

Ready for a new Distribion alternative?

All in all, through our strength of product, our level of support, and our competitive pricing, it's not hard to see why SimplyCast and our SimplyCast 360 platform are such a good deal. This puts us in the unique place to be able to say definitively that SimplyCast is an excellent alternative to many platforms, Distribion included. Check out our features and pricing on our marketing automation page and see what you can do with our services. You can also contact our sales team to learn more about the platform!

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