Alternative to Ifbyphone: A Competitive Option

Alternative to Ifbyphone: A Competitive Option

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Alternative to Ifbyphone

Similar to aspects of SimplyCast, Ifbyphone is a voice marketing solution that offers a range of services. SimplyCast has an edge as an effective alternative though. Sometimes, especially as consumers lean away from voice marketing in favor of the 140 characters or less style of update, you need to do more. SimplyCast understands how to do more. With competitive services ranging from a host of promotion mediums to a constantly maintained blog with tips specific to your industry, and a 24 hour support team always willing to do everything they can to help, SimplyCast wants to stay ahead of the pack.

What if you could still customize your voice campaign using recorded sound files or text-to-speech as well as merge tags and personalization, but also launch and monitor automated social media campaigns, or even text message campaigns and much more?

Imagine using a single application to do eveything from remind people of appointments to promote a new product or service. Use an app that takes the idea of digital marketing to a whole other level. Believe it or not, you don't need to just imagine. It's real, it's here, and it's constantly being updated and expanded by a dedicated, competitive team that offers personal account managers dedicated to your success. Reach out to your customers using email, voice, SMS and more. You can even build surveys that will help you track public opinion on your advertising, and track analytics on all those things allowing you to change your services accordingly. SimplyCast 360 is a competitive, powerful and simple app with easy to use drag-and-drop user interface.

SimplyCast focuses on improving customer communication over all channels through a single app. We want you to have the best advantage you possibly can by making sure we have the edge on our own market. Best of all is that using SimplyCast means using a growing, dedicated application that automates and improves every aspect of communication, includes an in-app contact manager as a free gift to all users, and there's only one bill. At competitive pricing with services that only offer one channel of communications, you really can't go wrong with getting 15 products for the price of one!

All you need to do is punch in the details for the body of the email, SMS, or other message once (or upload the file, in the case of voice campaigns) and it will send out to everyone you ask it to. For that matter, messages can even be customized for each individual client! It would take thousands of dollars in single-purpose online marketing solutions, or tens of thousands of physical people catering to each industry or integrations with dozens of marketing automation platforms. And yet, SimplyCast can do it alone.

Just like Ifbyphone, we allow for a call recording and voice broadcasting (as well as text-to-speech functionality), but we offer services over several other mediums such as surveys, promotions, announcements and more. One of the big advantages that SimplyCast has is that all those features are right there in the same single aspect of the app, allowing you to build a comprehensive message for any type of campaign. This way, a single campaign can have multiple purposes and perform multiple duties: building a landing page, offering updates, changing your message for different customer demographics and more. Have a look for yourself on our marketing automation page.

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