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Alternative To LoopFuse

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Alternative To LoopFuse

Email marketing is an important tool in today's business world. In fact, it's so powerful that there are a multitude of companies you can use to set yours up, such as LoopFuse. They offer a contact manager that integrates email marketing, lead management and other valuable tools for planning your marketing strategy. LoopFuse is also connected to a number of third-party software products as a means of convenience. That's good. But to be successful, you want to be great. We do great. In fact, we do great in 175 countries and 11 languages.

The target markets are a little different between LoopFuse and ourselves. They stick to email marketing and focus mostly on the contact management features they offer, while we offer similar contact management features and focus on all your customer communications. We look at mobile, online and offline interactions. To that end, while using LoopFuse is good for people who only use email marketing, our market is focused on anyone who communicates.

SimplyCast offers services aimed at helping industries automate a wide range of marketing and communication, from appointment reminders to nonprofit and volunteer programs, a consistently updated blog with tips specific to your industry, and a 24 hour support team who is always trying to be better, faster and stronger than the rest.

We don't just give you a contact and pipeline management product, we give it to you for free, and then offer several channels of communication to go with it at a highly reasonable cost. In fact, if you look at the numbers, our packages start at just $49. LoopFuse's pricing was unavailable at the time of our writing this article, however most companies start in the one to two hundred dollar range and only get higher. SimplyCast provides a full marketing automation suite that allows sending via email, voice, SMS and more for a fraction of the cost in other places for only one channel of communication, where we provide 15. We also have tracking available, and even more tools coming soon.

Imagine using a single application to do everything from keep appointments or gathering information to planning a public event down to the tickets and advertising. It's real, it's here and it's being updated and expanded by a dedicated team determined to be the best. We have personal account managers that you can contact at any time for assistance. You can build surveys that will help you track public opinion on your projects and track analytics. With an easy to use drag-and-drop user interface, and an abundance of unique features and ideas, if there's anything our platform doesn't do, we're already looking into making it happen. We'd love to hear your suggestions!

Another huge advantage that we want to share with you is the billing. All the products SimplyCast offers fall under a single bill at the end of the month, and you save money while you save time. Using SimplyCast means using a constantly expanding, best in class application that improves communication and therefore customer relationships. We give you free contact management software, along with over 15 products, wrapped into a single multi-channel marketing automation platform for the same price that many services ask for just one method of communication. On sends such as voicemail, fax and SMS, we only charge you if the message reached its destination.

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