A Powerful Alternative to WhatsNexx: SimplyCast 360

A Powerful Alternative to WhatsNexx: SimplyCast 360

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Alternative to WhatsNexx

Multi-channel marketing automation is a new and innovative field, featuring businesses with strong platforms capable of managing messages over several channels. These businesses include SimplyCast and WhatsNexx. Both companies provide robust products, but SimplyCast provides the better alternative.

While both companies offer strong products, based on the information available, SimplyCast offers more services at an affordable price. By offering all channels as standalones as well as in packages, our product SimplyCast 360 offers a versatile, evolving product for any industry. It is used by many different types of businesses to enhance and streamline marketing processes while connecting with customers more effectively.

The big difference between the two companies comes not just in the channels they offer, however. SimplyCast has eclipsed WhatsNexx in content. We offer a huge number of how-to blog posts, articles and videos, as well as industry specific content over a wide array of industries. In addition, they offer advice and information gleaned from various areas such as conventions or other events.

SimplyCast is also more open about what they do and what they cost, something immediately noted when looking at the websites side by side. You can view a comprehensive feature list on SimplyCast's website, and view the pricing on pre-built packages without any effort further than checking out their marketing automation page. Those prices are built competitively, and each individual channel comes with a price-match guarantee. Pricing on the prepaid groupings starts at just $49.

In addition, not only do we offer service that is transparent, easy to use and straightforward with an immense content backing, but we service clients in over 175 countries and 11 languages. As such, our platform is available throughout the world in the language you understand best.

Our additional support also makes us a strong alternative. Every customer who unlocks the full SimplyCast 360 platform is brought through a basic onboarding process where they are trained extensively. This is also true of our Reseller partnership program. Our support team is available to take your questions for much of the day, and our lines are always open. Between onboarding and our dedicated team we ensure that everything is running smoothly, and let you know when we've fixed your issue without making you wait on hold.

As you can see, even with a similar product, we boast more channels, competitive pricing and a robust support team. We also supply you with a steady stream of content, with more always in the works. In fact, we also put up PDF files available for download with industry-specific templates you can follow to build everyday tasks into automatic procedures. If your industry isn't there, it soon will be. All these elements combine to make SimplyCast a powerful alternative to any marketing automation platform. Check out our marketing automation page for more information, as well as the aforementioned pricing and feature list.

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