An Alternative to Protus & My1Voice? Questions Answered

An Alternative to Protus & My1Voice? Questions Answered

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Alternative to Protus & My1Voice

Many customers contact us looking for My1Voice competitors and alternatives to Protus, such as our voice broadcasting service. SimplyCast is one of the alternatives to services like Protus and we do get questions about voice broadcasting from many of our customers. So we decided to answer some of the most common questions we receive about voice broadcasting.

What if I don't have recording technology? Are there alternatives to create a great voice message?

SimplyCast offers a text-to-speech feature that allows you to type in what you would like to say and it will be translated to speech. You can select eith a male or female voice, and you can choose from a variety of accents to engage your voice subscribers.

What if the subscribers don't answer the phone? Can I leave a message?

Yes, with the SimplyCast voice service you can opt to leave a message for your subscribers or to simply hang up.

Protus and other competitors offers comprehensive reporting on voice campaigns. Do you?

Yes, SimplyCast provides complete reports for each voice broadcast you send out so you can see who answered your call, who pressed a button to speak with one of your customer service agents, who unsubscribed and more.

Do you offer list management for my contacts?

Yes, SimplyCast has a powerful contact management solution that allows you to manage all your contacts from a single interface. You can create, upload, segment and delete lists easily.

How do people unsubscribe from my voice campaigns if they want to?

An easy way to remain compliant with unsubscribe laws and allow your subscribers to easily opt out is to say in your message, "Press 9 to unsubscribe from these messages." This way, with the press of a button, a subscriber can remove themselves from the sending list.

Some voice competitors, such as My1Voice offer inbound call support alternatives as well, such as an automated receptionist. Do you?

No, SimplyCast is for outgoing call services only. If a voice message subscriber wishes to talk with a customer service agent, they can simply press a number to be transferred through.

What kind of regulations surround voice broadcasting? Does SimplyCast have different regulations for sending than other competitors?

The biggest regulation with voice broadcasting is that you must obtain permission before you make any calls. Voice broadcasting laws are strict in most countries due to telemarketing scams giving voice calling a bad name. So the first thing you have to do is make sure that all your voice subscribers have opted in to receive your voice messages.

SimplyCast has terms of use that you can view, but our voice regulations are similar to many of our competitors. To find out more, please contact our customer care team.

What are some of the benefits of using voice broadcasting, as opposed to other communication alternatives?

There are many benefits. For one thing, voice broadcasting does not have to be used by itself, instead of other forms of communication. It can be used, highly effectively, in conjunction with other methods such as email, text messaging and social media. This technique is highly effective when used for communication during an emergency. Using multiple forms of communication to deliver a warning message or to provide people with ongoing information updates ensures that everyone receives the message on time.

A big benefit is that voice broadcasting is a more immediate form of communication than email, which is a very popular way to reach customers. An email may get lost in a subscriber's inbox, whereas a phone call will be answered by the subscriber. If they miss the call, their phone will tell them that they have a voicemail message. Voice broadcasting, therefore, is a great way to make your message stand out to your subscribers.

Voice broadcasting is a quick and easy way to reach subscribers who do not have internet access. If a subscriber does not have an email address, you can easily reach them with a quick voice message.

How can I actually use voice broadcasting? Give me some real-life examples.

Sure. There are many ways in which businesses and organizations use automated voice messaging to reach their customers and contacts. Our customers who already use voice broadcasting have found it to be an effective way to reach a large number of customers in a short amount of time.

Many businesses, such as health clubs, automotive dealerships, and banks use automated voice messages to remind customers about the date and time of upcoming appointments. This helps to ensure that the customer shows up for the appointment.

Some businesses use voicemail messages to spread promotions or provide customers with a special discount code that they can use in store. All the customer has to do is listen to the message and record the code, then they can get a discount on the business's products or services by using that code.

Office buildings and schools often use automated voice messages to alert staff or students about closures due to weather or for other reasons. In fact, that's what we do here at SimplyCast. A message goes out to every employee, letting them know if the office is closed and any additional information.

Many nonprofit organizations and other businesses that often host events use automated voice broadcasting to keep their guests up to date on event details. Events may change due to weather, venue, speakers or other unforeseeable circumstances. It's handy, therefore, to have a direct way to contact each guest and let them know the updates, without having to call each one manually and wast time.

As we have briefly mentioned, emergency communication is one of the most common uses for voice broadcasting. If you need to reach everyone in a hurry and provide them with information, automated voice calls is a great way to do it. Used along with other alternatives such as email and text messaging, it is an efficient way to reach a lot of people at once when every second counts.

Sign up for a free SimplyCast account today to try voice broadcasting for yourself!

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