The Amazing Benefits of Fax Marketing

The Amazing Benefits of Fax Marketing


Though some marketers pooh-pooh the power of fax marketing, often dismissing the effective marketing practice as "old-school," but, truly, there are some amazing benefits of incorporating fax marketing into your overall strategy.

Naysayers overlook fax marketing because it relies on a technology that is considered obsolete. However, just as other marketing strategies evolve, fax marketing also evolved. But, what makes fax marketing unique is its original purpose: putting a hard copy of your sales push, promotion or survey directly into your customers' hands.

So, let's reexamine what makes fax marketing, well, amazing!


Let's take a page out of politics, and consider what the top pols know about relationship building. Even in the age of text messaging, email, Facebook, Twitter, websites and phone calls, there is nothing more powerful than establishing and maintaining an important relationship that is direct, personalized contact.

Those top politicians always, always, use handwritten notes. These pols know the power of their own handwriting and signature, rather than relying on a staffer posing as them.

So, how does fax marketing play into this strategy?

Since the fax originates as a hard copy (in most cases), then use a personal, handwritten note, directed at your customer. This underscores your commitment to your customers while reassuring your relationship. Also, this simple practice shows that you're serious.

"We really think that this promotion suits your current needs. Please don't hesitate to contact me, if you've any questions. John Q. Salesman."

For extra bonus points, a handwritten note from the President, CEO or Chairman of the Board adds weight and integrity to your fax.


Ah, paper! The bastion of communication.

What does fax marketing have over, say email marketing? It's full size. In all of its 8.5" x 10" glory, faxing allows you to use every inch of your space. This practice always trumps other marketing strategies that are limited by, well, their size.

Think about it: your email marketing campaign is limited by the size of the customers' computer screen. With the entire page at your disposal, you're able to use the size of the page to your advantage. That, of course, doesn't mean to overuse the size of the page, but use it in a way that helps.

Remember to encourage your customers to reuse or recycle your fax.

Cost Effective

According to some marketing reports, fax marketing costs nearly 90% less than direct mail, email marketing, social media and even website marketing.

For the minimal cost of your staffs' time to create the promotion, the paper on which its printed and the ink it takes to send your fax, this marketing practice costs pennies on the dollar compared to your high-tech strategies.

Though, we're not saying to entirely use fax marketing as your only strategy, but to incorporate it.

Want to save more time and money? Duplicate your promotions and pitches across your marketing board. For each email marketing campaign you send out, fax the duplicate promotion to your customers that opted in for faxes. Don't ever limit your customers' options (and yours!) by singling out a communications method. Just because one group of customers choose to receive your promotions via fax, doesn't mean that you need to segregate these customers from any online promotions.

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