We Answered: What is a New Product in Marketing?

We Answered: What is a New Product in Marketing?

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What is a New Product in Marketing

One of the hottest commodities on the market is automated marketing. You already know it saves you time and resources as well as enabling you to more effectively follow up with customers. But did you know that many marketing automation solutions enable you to personalize messages and campaigns like never before? Personalized automated marketing is a relatively new product, and it is not yet being used by many businesses outside the technology industry.

Personally targeted messages are much more effective than non-targeted messages. There is nothing technically wrong with mass emailing, as long as you have permission. But it is simply not that effective. Many non-targeted mass emails are deleted before they are read because they just don't appeal to the subscribers receiving them. Yes, they signed up for your email newsletter, but your content may not appeal to their needs. Mass emails are designed to appeal to generalized customers but not individual customers.

Personalized automated marketing enables you to build loyalty with each customer. An automated marketing solution tracks each customer's actions, history, preferences, contact information, special dates and much more. Using this information, messages and campaigns are personalized to appeal to each unique customer. This increases the amount of customers who will open messages, respond, convert, purchase and become repeat customers. This ultimately increases your revenue and keeps customers around longer.

What types of personalized messages can I send using marketing automation?

The types of personalized marketing messages that really bring in consistent revenue and build customer loyalty are messages based on each customer's needs. Examples of effective personalized messages: appointment reminders, birthday and anniversary promotions, targeted messages based on which webpages customers have looked at and which purchases they have made, customer satisfaction surveys, personalized coupons on customers' favorite items and so on.

If personalized marketing automation is a new product, does that mean it hasn't been tested?

Automated marketing itself has been around for a while, but over the years it has continuously been improved and made more powerful. Marketing automation has been used to save time and resources for small and large businesses alike. Businesses have only recently begun to use marketing automation for sending personalized messages to their customers.

Since this is a fairly new phenomenon, many of your competitors are not yet using marketing automation. Marketing automation itself has been developed, tested and optimized over time, but businesses are not taking full advantage of it yet. It has been thoroughly tested. It works. Now you just need to try it!

Will this new product come and go like some other new products?

Marketing automation is not a trend. It is here to stay. The marketing automation industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and it is growing year over year. Because of the sheer amount of time businesses save while using marketing automation, it is growing in popularity and usage. More businesses each year are adopting marketing automation in order to build stronger personal connections with their customers.

Since this product is new to me, can I test it?

Before deciding to use any new product, you should of course test it thoroughly. Most marketing automation solutions offer a limited time free trial so you can get acquainted with the tools and learn how to use them for your specific marketing and communication needs.

SimplyCast provides a 14 day free trial of our automated solution, SimplyCast 360. Sign up! If you want to learn a bit more before trying it yourself, request one of our interactive demos and ask questions to our friendly customer service experts.

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