Physician Scheduling Software: We Answer Your Questions

Physician Scheduling Software: We Answer Your Questions

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Physician Scheduling Software

 Some of the challenges physicians face on a daily basis seem almost impossible to overcome. Physicians have to treat illnesses, diagnose mysterious ailments and keep hundreds of patients healthy. Physicians and their dedicated staff have a lot of work to do in a day. They need physician scheduling software that makes the most of their time and keeps their medical office running smoothly. What are the benefits of using the right software and how does this software work?

Physician scheduling software is going to add more work to my busy day, isn't it?

No. Physician scheduling software is designed to reduce your workload by automating a lot of the work you normally have to do yourself. Most of the software is intended specifically for non-technical users. You may need help getting started, but once you begin using the software it is very simple.

We deal with a lot of sensitive patient information. Who has access to this information?

You decide what information you want to put into the physician scheduling software. You may simply include basic contact information or you may add information such as appointment dates, ongoing health issues, and medications. This information is used to provide a more personalized experience for each patient.

It is essential to find a trusted and proven phyisican scheduling software. All information you input is your own and you may remove it at any time. Read the terms and conditions to ensure that all data is protected by privacy policies, laws, and may not be shared with external parties.

We don't want all our staff to be able to use this information. Can we set limits?

Yes. The simple and effective solution is to use physician scheduling software that includes permissions. Permissions enable you to set specific restrictions for each staff member who is using the system. Each user's unique login information allows them to access their own individual set of permissions. The master account holder determines the permissions.

You will be able to see who created which messages and performed which tasks. Certain users will be able to edit, delete, manage and send messages. Others will not have these permissions. This way, you always have control over who is scheduling messages and managing patient information.

What types of processes does automated physician scheduling software perform?

This software performs many processes that your staff members usually have to do manually. This saves a lot of time every day. You can schedule staff messages such as reminders of shift times and changes, surveys on employee satisfaction and so on.

The scheduling software is also used to provide patients with personalized messages. These could be appointment reminders, medication updates, notifications, surveys and more. Communicating with patients is a daily task for physicians' staffs. An automated software saves time and boosts efficiency.

Physician scheduling software can even post updates to your social media pages. Create messages in advance that will be posted over a period of time. Examples of physician messages on social media are daily health tips, seasonal flu shot reminders, frequently asked health questions and so on.

Can I try automated physician scheduling software for free to see if I like it?

Sign up for a 14-day free trial of SimplyCast's physician scheduling software solution. It is easy to use and you should sign up for a free demo from our awesome customer care staff.

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