API Released: Easily Integrate Software with SimplyCast

API Released: Easily Integrate Software with SimplyCast

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Easily Integrate Software with SimplyCast

The SimplyCast API is live

Now that the busy Thanksgiving weekend is over in the United States, we can all get back to business as usual. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are behind us and all that is left is getting set for the holidays.

Our team has an early present for all of you looking to integrate with our all-in-one marketing solution. Our API is live and ready.

For those who don't know, API stands for application programming interface which essentially allows software to communicate with each other.

We have been developing this powerful feature over the last little while and can't be more thrilled that it is live.

Features of the SimplyCast API include:

  • Supports transfer over HTTPS
  • HTTP-based
  • Ability to have multiple keys and to revoke keys
  • Limit key access to an IP address or domain
  • Manage your contacts without logging in

The Details

The SimplyCast API is based on HTTP and implements many of the recommendations set out in the REST (Representational State Transfer) system architecture. The API follows the following REST constraints:


The API is a client-server API. You connect directly to SimplyCast servers.

Uniform Interface

The interface of the API is represented as resource URIs. Discovery of resources is provided by links returned in representations.


Each request is atomic. Authentication is provided on a per-call basis (there are no sessions).

The SimplyCast API supports transfers over HTTPS to help ensure that your data is secure. Authentication is done using a combination of a public identifier key and a secret key. You may have multiple key sets, which you can revoke at any time.

You may also apply restrictions on the on the key, such as originating IP and domain.

Looking For API Wrappers? We Have Them

We have API wrappers that will ease your integration with the SimplyCast API. They will handle the connection details and provide a simple interface to make API calls with.

Getting Started

Now that you know more about our API, here is how you can get started with the process. We have full getting started details here.

The SimplyCast API is live and we can't wait for you to connect and try it out.

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