SimplyCast Blog: April 2014 Newsletter

April 2014 Newsletter

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April 2014 Newsletter

We've revamped our newsletter a bit to show off the stars of our organization - you, our customers! Since the release of SimplyCast 360 this past summer, we've told you all about the benefits of marketing automation. Now we want to show you first-hand how clients like yourselves are using this powerful technology to automate communication processes and increase engagement with clients and prospects. Stay tuned every month for our latest customer spotlight so you can learn about fellow SimplyCasters and how marketing automation is helping them engage with their target audience.

If you are interested in being featured as the customer spotlight in an upcoming SimplyCast newsletter, please contact with your story.

Customer Spotlight

Stu Heinecke, CartoonLink

Stu Heinecke, President of Cartoon Link, recently started using SimplyCast 360 to nurture leads that sign up for a copy of his free eBook, an exerpt from his book Drawing Attention. Stu's cleverly built seven-step nurturing program engages with leads based on how they have interacted with past communications, and prompts them to try his cartoons in their own sales and marketing campaigns.

In this free eBook, Stu shares proof that personalized cartoons are one of the most powerful engagement devices ever invented. In a recent interview with the SimplyCast Team, Stu revealed the three-pronged "unfair advantage" that cartoons provide. First, cartoons are extremely memorable; in fact, in a recent survey of the most well-remembered parts of magazines and newspapers, cartoons and editorials came out on top. Second, the humorous, almost subliminal nature of cartoons creates a point of agreement between sender and recipient by revealing the truth in a funny twist. Third, cartoons make people laugh, which has a very disarming effect and creates a connection between sender and recipient. Stu has used his cartoons to reach past presidents, prime ministers, and the editor of the Wall Street Journal.

Stu invites all of you to test one of his "cartoon devices" in your email or SimplyCast 360 automation sequences. Additionally, he'd like to offer you all a copy of his free eBook. Click the link below to download the book and be added to the CartoonLink 360 Flow.

"I use [this cartoon] constantly to un-stick stalled sales situations. The wonderful thing about it is, the cartoon gets away with saying "Hey, would you call me back?!" because it does it in such a disarming way. As a result, people often do feel a bit shamed into finally getting back in touch, but it's all in good fun."
"Hi, it's me again. Listen, I don't know if you've been checking your voice mail all last week, but I'm still here at the same number waiting for your call."
Stu Heinecke

President, CartoonLink, Inc.

Wall Street Journal Cartoonist DMA Hall of Fame NomineeStu signature

SimplyCast Highlights - April 2014

Customer Flow Communication

Customer Flow Communication combines inbound marketing, marketing automation, and multi-channel communication into one intuitive platform. SimplyCast 360 is the #1 Customer Flow Communication Platform on the planet, and it is available to you through your existing SimplyCast account. SimplyCast 360 allows you to create automated communication flows that will engage and nurture your leads for you using landing pages, online forms, decision logic, and many different forms of communication, including email, text messaging, voice messaging, online surveys, and even fax. We encourage you to book a demo of 360 or activate your 14-day free trial and test it out today.

Version 8.7 Is All About The Nurturing

In early May we will be releasing Version 8.7 of our application, which was designed to help you nurture your leads to increase engagement and ultimately sales. Highlights of Version 8.7 include vast improvements to our landing page generator, including PayPal integration, custom domain support, and heatmap functionality; and the introduction of our much anticipated contact manager, which focuses on lead nurturing, lead scoring, and pipeline management. Follow the Version 8.7 Release on our Nurture Page, which is updated daily.

Daily Demos: Get To Know The SimplyCast 360SimplyCast 360 is in high demand lately, so to help you get to know it a bit better we have decided to host demos of the SimplyCast 360 at three convenient times every Monday through Friday - 10am EST, 3pm EST, and 9am GMT+1. Daily Demos will highlight use cases that our "Flow Experts" believe will most benefit demo attendees so that you get the most out of your session. Demos for April are booking up fast so secure your spot while they are still available.

SimplyCast Community

The "Ride On" Project

With marketing automation, you can solve many of the day-to-day challenges that people face. The "Ride On" project was created by one of our Star Employees using the SimplyCast 360 because she got sick and tired of missing her bus (and being late for work). This free community initiative now helps spread awareness for the local chapter of the Make a Wish Foundation.

Ride on program

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