SimplyCast Blog: Are You Among the 200,000,000 Tweeters?

Are You Among the 200,000,000 Tweeters?

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In the United States alone, there are 200 million Twitter users. That means 200 million Twitter accounts. 200 million potential customers. 200 million possible business connections.

Seriously, how many marketing platforms consistently have that many eyeballs on your campaign? Okay, so we're not counting the 250 million Facebook users, but to Twitter's credit, it has a higher trajectory, gaining more users per year than any other social medium.

Created in 2006, compared to Facebook's "official" launch in 2004, Twitter grew faster each year. (And, we're not pooh-poohing the total marketing awesomeness of Facebook, but that's for an entirely different blog!)

Another difference between Twitter and Facebook is that Twitter was created immediately for public use, where Facebook was first limited to Harvard University, then to the college community at large. Only in the past couple of years has Facebook opened its doors to the public. Twitter was public from the get-go and there was never any "exclusive" stigma attached.

So, the big question is, are you among the 200,000,000 Tweeting?

Consider the Twittersphere: there are a ridiculous number of Fortune 500 companies Twittering, along with 90% of the top internationally ranked businesses and industry leaders.

Let's give kudos where kudos are due: more companies embrace and regularly use Twitter than any other social media platform available.

Possibly the #1 reason to join the Twitterverse is the platform itself. Though many Twitter users use it for personal reasons – updating their status or checking into locations – but overall the content is topic-driven. Tweeters comment more often on trending topics, news or oddball facts. Twitter is less selfish than other social media. It's more community-oriented, to drive conversation rather than fluffing one's feathers.

If you're not among the 200 million, then you're missing valuable information provided by a collective.

Also, unlike other social media platforms, you're able to automate your Tweets. Just like autoresponders, you're able to schedule Tweets ahead of time. Of course, Twitter requires a bit of maintenance but you don't have to log in every second in order to post.

We ask you to follow SimplyCast and join the conversation. Do you use Twitter for business?

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