How Associations Can Engage New Audiences

How Associations Can Engage New Audiences

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How Associations Can Engage New Audiences

Innovation is the name of the game when it comes to finding new, exciting ways to increase engagement with customers and generate new leads. As technology advances, associations need to adapt in order to increase engagement, better show relevance, and add revenue.

Often, associations struggle to increase and maintain membership, showcase their importance, increase revenue, and collect resources to conduct marketing. One way to help is through innovative ideas, such as including relevant technologies. Associations can add simple tools, like email marketing, a CRM, as well as social posting into their subscriptions to provide instant value to their business subscribers and increase their own bottom line (and solve all the above problems).

Imagine being able to offer your association's members a platform to help them improve their marketing efforts, boost existing communications, and grow their reach, which in turn grows the reach of your association.

What's more, imagine being able to offer all these online marketing tools to your members under your own brand and label. Being able to do this further entrenches your brand into the minds of your members and builds trust, as they see you as able to offer them more and more services that are highly in demand and contested for.

If you are able to offer online marketing services to your members, you will have a competitive advantage over other associations and it will lessen the likelihood that your members will turn to larger companies for their online marketing needs.

There are associations now that are taking advantage of these new technologies and are offering them to their members in order to provide more value. Here at SimplyCast, we recently teamed up with the Better Business Bureau Serving the Atlantic Provinces in order to create a platform specifically for BBB-accredited businesses: AccrediCast. This new platform gives small to medium businesses within the Better Business Bureau access to email marketing, automated social media, forms and surveys, and a comprehensive CRM. With this partnership, businesses get access to the tools they need through the association they trust and the BBB is able to innovate and offer online marketing services to retain existing members and attract new ones.

If you would like to learn more about AccrediCast, visit this link. Or, if you would like to learn more about how a similar platform and partnership could work for you, contact SimplyCast's VP of Partnerships, Ariel Hopper, at

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