Attract New Readers Without Spending Any Cheddar

Attract New Readers Without Spending Any Cheddar

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Want to know a little, well-kept email marketing secret?

It takes very little money (if at all) to gain new customers or even boost your email readership. All you need is a bit of grit, hard work, blood, sweat, tears and these three super simple tips:

1. Write Great Website Content

Pretty much anything you do online starts with your company's website. If its not up-to-snuff, then it'll be an uphill battle (think Sisyphus).

You don't need a bunch of flashy graphics or shiny images.

All you need are words.

Well-written content is everything. Sure, it can be funny, informal, professional or even technical, but exquisitely executed prose is something that money can't buy.

Along with your grammatically correct content, you need something of substance to write about that's both informative and intriguing.

If you master your website's verbiage, then you'll entice new customers to find out more about you, and lo-and-behold, your email subscriber list grows.

2. Connect Through Social Media

If you're not already on the "Big Three" of social media – LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook (don't count Google+ yet) – then stop what you're doing and get crackin'.


Social media is the place for the world of business and customers to collide, connect and interact. Without any more investment than time and creativity, you'll be able to tap into the collective consciousness and listen to what your future customers are talking about. You'll be able to track trends and see how your products solve these problems.

Above all, social media provides a lovely little platform for self-promotion. Turn likes, mentions, and tweets into subscribers.

Just like what great website content does for your rep, social media does the same thing, but on a global scale.

3. Generate Local Buzz

Have you reached out to your community or is your entire focus on dominating the universe?

You're only as strong as your foundation. Start locally, and then grow.

If your friends, family, and neighbors don't buy into what you're selling, then how in the world (pun intended) are you to capture the attention of an ADD-rattled populous? There's no possible way.

Knock on doors. Set up shop at a local farmer's market. Attend lunches hosted by local business leaders. Whatever. Get your name out there and gather up as much support from the people closest to you even before you step foot out into the real world.

Look to some of the top brands in the world – they all started somewhere, and they sure as hell didn't start at the top. Here are a few examples of hometown hero brands: Dinosaur BBQ, Auntie Annie's and Wal-Mart. These brands only grew because of the wild popularity they had in their own backyards.

This little tip may in fact cost you a bit of money, but consider it a long-term investment.

The beauty of these three tips is that they're universal; you'll be able to apply them to gather more social media followers, increase your conversion rates and establish affiliate relationships.

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