Auctioneers, Staff and Bidders Informed with SMS Blasting

Auctioneers, Staff and Bidders Informed with SMS Blasting

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Auction Houses, SMS Blasting

If there is a new item up for auction, or an early closing on bidding, it is always important to keep people informed with what is going on, as you do not want bidders to miss out. Keeping people up to date is even more important when it comes to things such as emergencies, as regular communication about a situation is a top priority.

Having the ability to inform or update multiple people simultaneously about things such as new items being added to the auction house, building closures, weather warnings, and more, is extremely useful. These notifications can all be facilitated with the use of SMS blasting.

SMS blasting is where you send out an automated mass text to multiple people at the same time. It is a fast and effective form of communication, helping you get information you want directly into the hands of your contacts. Since most people nowadays have a mobile phone, sending this information to them in the form of a text message can ensure that they will not miss the information.

SMS messaging has one of the highest open rates and ROI. This is important, as you want to make sure that people are seeing what you are sending them and text blasting is the best way to ensure this. Without the use of mass texting, it can be hard to get information to lots of people in an immediate way which can cause people to miss out on the items your auction house has available to bid on.

SMS Blasting is Versatile

When it comes to how you can use SMS blasting for your auction house, the opportunities are endless. Here are just some of the ways you can leverage text blasting:

  • New auction items: Inform your contacts about items that they are interested in and would like to add to their collections. Give them a heads up of what to keep an eye out for during your upcoming auctions!
  • Weather cancelations: No one wants to arrive somewhere only to find out it has been canceled due to poor weather conditions. Warn and keep people informed when it comes to potential cancelations so this does not happen.
  • Changes in start/end times: Making sure that bidders are aware of any changes in the start and or end time of an auction is important. If they are not notified, they could possibly miss some items they were looking to bid on, which can leave both you and them at a loss.
  • Building closures: In case your auction house or auction location is closed for any reason, it is important that you let people know what and where is closed, and when it may be opening back up.

Those are just to list a few of the many possibilities for using SMS blasting to keep auctioneers, staff and bidders educated and informed. Check out this blog for even more ideas! Mass texting is the perfect way to keep numerous people informed and up to date on any occasion, helping ensure they either do not miss out on anything, or to keep them safe if a emergency occurs.

If a bidder misses out on a lot that they have been waiting for for a long time, or get lost or injured due to missed information, this can lead to some unhappy people, and even worse people who may not come back to your future auctions. So, making sure your auction clients are aware of things is crucial.

How to get started

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