Automate Your Holiday Marketing Campaign

Automate Your Holiday Marketing Campaign

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Automate Your Holiday Marketing Campaign

For sales and marketing, the holiday season is the most exciting time of the year. With so many cultural, religious and general holidays going on, there are always opportunities to advertise. The preparation and the execution of marketing campaigns for each of these holidays can be arduous and costly.

This doesn't have to be the case! This holiday season and every one after, we're looking to put some cheer back into your business by offering SimplyCast 360. 360 is a platform designed to assist with and manage communications to customers using the power of automation and storing customer information to help develop the best holiday campaigns possible. This means that your holiday marketing campaigns get the extra edge you need to haul in more customers during these times of year!

What can SimplyCast 360 do?

SimplyCast 360 is a comprehensive multi-channel marketing platform. We offer email, social media, SMS and more, while allowing you to integrate with our software should you be using third-party CRMs or other software. We automate messages over all these channels, allowing you to build a multi-channel campaign that covers every possible holiday marketing situation.

Don't have a CRM? We offer our built-in Contact Manager for free, which allows for the storage of customer information. The Contact Manager works with our web tracking tool, Sonar, to build real-time updated client profiles for your sales and marketing team. On top of all that, our reporting helps to see which campaigns are taking off and which are falling flat. All that information allows you to get the right message to the right people at the right time and sell more!

We send, automate, track, report, and enable free live chat! Just rolled out this October, SimplyCast is proud to announce our live chat software, EngagerLive, that customers can embed on their sites in order to ensure that customers can have their questions answered right away.

For more information on marketing automation, look at our features and pricing plans on the marketing automation page. Then request a free demo below to see how to build the best holiday campaign possible.

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