Automated Emergency Notification System: Top 3 Benefits

Automated Emergency Notification System: Top 3 Benefits

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Automated Emergency Notification System

In light of recent tragedies and mass casualty incidents caused by weather or human interference, you may have heard the term automated emergency notification system being used. Now you may be wondering whether your company should make the investment.

Well, apart from the typical benefits afforded by automating communication processes, an automated emergency notification system provides an extra level of security and comfort during stressful times. They are an important part of any emergency communication plan and it is certainly wise to add one to your company's arsenal. Here are the top three benefits of implementing an automated emergency notification system.

1. Increase incident efficiency and save valuable time

The first benefit of having an automated emergency notification system is essentially a no-brainer. As with most processes, if you automate them they are bound to save you and your company time and effort – something that is even more important during an emergency situation where time is even more of the essence.

Multi-channel communication allows you to send essential information to your contacts using more than one method of communication, such as email, phone, and SMS, in an effort to ensure that the information is relayed in a timely manner so that proper preparation can occur.

With a system that combines automation with mass notification using multiple communication channels, you can ensure that your emergency notifications are being sent out in record time to all your contacts. Send pre-created messages to all of your contacts at one time with the click of a mouse! A little preparation can go a long way when you are faced with a sudden emergency.

2. Use a common view to display incoming information

With an emergency notification system, it is just as important to receive information as it is to provide notification capabilities during emergencies. The benefit of having a system that can collect information from multiple difference sources via multiple means and display the results in a common view is that the data can be shared between all parties who are working to deal with the situation, meaning everyone has the most up-to-date information when making crucial decisions.

Share information with other involved organizations easily using a web-based system that can be accessed at various levels depending on each organization's hierarchy and the credentials of specific personnel.

A common view is an extremely beneficial feature to have as part of your automated emergency notification system as it allows officials to determine the entirety of the incident's scope and maintain contact with the personnel on the ground to gain updates as well as disseminate vital information as soon as it becomes known.

3. Ensure safety of contacts

The third benefit of utilizing an automated emergency notification system is that you will have the ability to know that your contacts have read your message by using the common view to display which contacts may not have interacted with the message.

How are you able to know which contacts have read your notification or not? By using a Confirm Receipt of Alert feature that requires contacts to perform an action to indicate that they have read and have understood the automated message that was sent out. This action could be clicking a link in an email, replying to a text message, or pressing a number on their phone's dial pad. By having your contacts confirm their receipt of the message, you can be sure that they are safe, or at least aware of the ongoing incident and able to prepare accordingly.

Get Your Automated Emergency Notification System Today

If you would like more information as to what other benefits employing an automated emergency notification system can provide your company, check out the EmergHub emergency communications platform that was developed by SimplyCast to increase communications efficiency during emergencies.

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