Using Automated Fax Blasting Technology for Clinics

Using Automated Fax Blasting Technology for Clinics

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Automated Fax Blasting Technology

In today’s era of advanced digital technology, channels like email, SMS, and other modern means of communications are dominating the world. In business or personal life, digital communication is now nearly inseparable from our daily lives. Hence, when someone speaks about fax, despite it not being an old technology, it usually raises some eyebrows.

Fax has always been a reliable and secure means of communication, especially, during the 80s and 90s when internet wasn’t widely available. However, as technology progressed, businesses stopped using fax for regular communication purposes. Some businesses and organizations nevertheless did not stop using fax because it offers unique benefits. Medical clinics are one of those entities that are still actively using fax technology for multiple communication purposes, such as sending sensitive documents to other organizations.

Now, the question is: does fax technology need to remain contained to the physical fax machine? Or can we incorporate modern technologies to make faxing more convenient?

SimplyCast has already answered this question by providing an automated fax blasting solution. Usually, staff members in a clinic send fax messages by feeding a document into a machine and then transmitting it to a number. In this process, the staff does not necessarily know whether a fax is delivered or not. Plus, when a document is multiple pages long, then it takes a long time to send all those pages. Using SimplyCast’s automated, secure faxing technology, clinics can now easily send faxes from their computers!

We’ve already given some reasons why it would be beneficial to implement this solution in this blog, but below you can find four more top benefits!

Benefit #1 More Efficient

Here’s a scenario: a doctor typed a prescription for a patient and asked a staff member to send it to a drug store. What happens next? The staff member prints the document, inserts it into the fax machine and sends to the clinic. Easy, right? But when you think that this same task takes place so many times a day, it gets a bit overwhelming. So, when you are using an automated solution, the doctor can simply provide the staff member with a PDF of the prescription. The staff member then can log into the computer, open the fax solution, and simply send the document to the recipient. Less work, more efficiency, greater customer satisfaction.

As a bonus, the staff member will be notified when the document is successfully faxed. Nobody wants to argue with an angry patient for whom the fax went missing due to some technical glitch.

Benefit #2 Secure Sending

When a staff member sends a document using a physical fax machine, it needs to be printed first. Imagine, a clinic is sending an inventory request to multiple vendors. The request involves so many technical and other sensitive details. Sometimes, these documents contain multiple pages. It is only natural to make errors and misplace a page or two. However, sometimes these mistakes might bring severe consequences.

The safest route here is to remove the “printing” task from the whole faxing process. In this way, clinics can send the same proposal to multiple vendors at once directly from the computer. Fax documents are stored on the secured SimplyCast server. Our company is ISO 27001:2013-certified and we have datacenters in the USA and Canada. Therefore, these documents are safe and resendable if needed.

Benefit #3 Customized Content

When sending a fax document to multiple contacts (for instance, an inventory request), you cannot customize faxes in the traditional way. Clinics just send a generic copy to all contacts, which isn’t that professional in today’s era. However, using automated fax technology, you can add a personalized cover letter to each fax with very little effort. All you need to do is build a cover letter in the solution, select the areas you want to customize and send the fax alongside the cover letter. The solution will fetch data from your contact lists and automatically send a personalized fax to all the contacts.

Benefit #4 Fax Tracking

We mentioned it before, but it is worthwhile to mention again. The biggest issue with fax communication is that there is no way to tell if a fax is delivered (if you are using a traditional fax machine). However, when you are using SimplyCast’s automated fax blasting solution, you can easily track how many faxes are delivered and which of your contacts received the fax.

Imagine sending a drug-related request to all pharmacies in your area and not being able to know who didn’t receive that message. This issue is no longer a problem when you are using an automated fax blasting solution.

So, there are four top benefits of using a fax blasting solution for your clinic. However, there are even more benefits than this! How about booking a session with our experts so we can explain?

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