Automated Hospital Mass Notification Solution: Why

Automated Hospital Mass Notification Solution: Why

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Why You Need an Automated Hospital Mass Notification Solution

It’s 2021, and many hospitals are still using a manual system to send mass notifications during an emergency. Sending a medical alert is not an easy job to do; especially when you need to reach thousands of people at once. Every second is important during an emergency because many lives may depend on it.

An automated hospital alert system can resolve many of the existing challenges hospitals and healthcare providers face while sending mass notifications to patients and other stakeholders. Setting up an automated hospital alert system is not a difficult job if you get your strategy right.

Here, we are going to explain why you need an automated mass hospital notification solution! Well, there are a myriad of reasons to choose an automated solution over a manual system. Here are our top four reasons to convince you further!

Let’s take a look:

Reason 1: Send Notifications at a Lightning-Fast Speed

Time is the most valuable resource during an emergency and it is the job of emergency managers to ensure that every second is properly utilized. If you are using a manual system to send notifications, you will have several manual tasks to do. For instance, you might need to copy and paste contact details several times or filter contacts manually. In the worst-case scenario, you may find that you can only send a limited number of notifications every time. Imagine, you are alerting 10,000 people and you must repeat the process 10 times because you can only send a maximum of 1,000 messages at once. Things like these eat up a significant portion of valuable time where only a few seconds can be the difference between life and death.

Using an automated mass notification system, you can alert everyone in your hospital without wasting any time. Automated hospital mass notification systems use emergency-grade communication channels, so the delivery rate is optimized. Also, you can send notifications to a nearly unlimited number of people. Most of the manual work is delegated to the system so you do not have to waste time on those repetitive, mundane tasks.

The best part? You can anticipate emergency events and create communication templates for each of them with relevant information. In this way, you can send medical alerts almost instantly as soon as an emergency is detected.

Reason 2: Send Personalized Alerts

Personalized alerts are more effective because people are more likely to respond to personalized messages than generic ones. However, sending personalized messages with a manual hospital mass notification system is a hassle because you have to personalize each message manually. Imagine sending personalized messages one by one! That would be a nightmare! That is why an automated hospital mass notification solution is a big deal these days. With an automated solution, all you need to do is create message templates and the system will automatically fetch all information from the contact registry and send a personalized copy to each contact.

Reason 3: Track Alert Delivery in Real Time

There are emergency situations when just sending alerts is not enough. You need to track if those alert notifications are delivered to your hospital stakeholder. For instance, if there is a biohazard incident, you would want to ensure that all of your notification recipients have received alert messages. With a manual system, it is impossible to track responses. You just blast hospital notifications and sit there hoping everyone got them. On the other hand, with an automated hospital mass notification solution, you can see which of your contacts received notifications and who did not. You can even set up the notification campaign in a way that those who did not get the initial notification will be placed in a queue to be sent to again.

Reason 4: Allow Recipients to Take Action

In many cases, you would want to go that extra mile in terms of taking precautions and confirm that your contacts got notified and understood the gravity of the situation. Therefore, you can let them respond to your notifications by taking specific actions. With a manual system, it is almost impossible. However, with an automated hospital mass notification solution, you can let them send you confirmation responses easily. For instance, if they get an alert via SMS, they can reply to that message. If the alert notification is sent by email, they can simply click on a link or button to confirm receipt. Similarly, if the alert is sent via phone call, they can press a button to confirm. In this way, you have a solid plan to make sure that everyone in your hospital contact registry is notified properly.

So, there are our top four reasons why you should get an automated hospital mass notification solution. There are more perks, and we would love to explain those to you.

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