Automatic Targeted Messages for the Automotive Industry

Automatic Targeted Messages for the Automotive Industry

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Automatic Targeted Messages for the Automotive Industry

Dave is looking to buy a truck. He checks out a dealership's website that offers the brand he is interested in and signs up to receive company emails with further information. Dave checks his email a few days later and he has several emails from the dealership.

The first one is advertising the dealership's latest hot model (which is not in the price range that Dave is looking for). The second email is a promotion on luxury items and accessories, such as rain guards, tire shine and running boards, which doesn't help Dave much as he does not even have a truck yet. The third email is the dealership's monthly newsletter, letting current customers know of changes that are being made to the dealership's policies and reviewing some industry news. As none of the information in the emails is relevant to Dave's car search, he deletes them feeling disappointed and realizing it has taken him fifteen minutes to skim through the emails.

The next day, Dave decides to visit a different dealership's site. What he doesn't know is that this dealership uses the 360 Automation Manager to assist with their customer communications. On the signup form to receive emails, Dave notices that he has some options. "What model are you looking for?" and "What price range are you looking for?" He fills in his information and signs up. Within a few minutes, he receives an email: "Hi Dave, here are some trucks you might like." Dave opens the email to find five similar models with different features, all in his selected price range. He is immediately engaged, and clicks each of the links to view more information and related products.

Dave takes the bus to the dealership the next day, tells the saleswoman exactly which truck he would like to test drive, and within a few hours he is the proud owner of a new truck. He also adds on a pair of slick rain guards that he saw on one of the "related products" links in the email.

The saleswoman also asks Dave how he would prefer to be contacted for service reminders and special deals. He selects SMS as the easiest way to reach him, as it is quick and convenient. A week later, Dave gets an SMS message: "Hi Dave, we hope you're enjoying your new vehicle! Enjoy this SMS coupon for 30% off your first oil change. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions."

The 360 Automation Manager is the perfect tool to help automotive dealerships better target their customers and keep them coming back for vehicles and service. This comprehensive tool allows customers like Dave to select their preferences and automatically receive messages that are relevant to their individual interests. Targeted messages consistently outperform mass messages that are sent out to everyone. Dave was immediately engaged with the emails because the dealership's 360 Automation Manager automatically sent him information about the trucks he selected.

The 360 Automation Manager allows your dealership to communicate with your customers more efficiently and effectively than other dealerships by automating your messages and sending customers specific messages that they are interested in.

Dave also gets to select how he prefers to be contacted (in his case, SMS). This means the dealership knows the best way to reach him, and it also allows the dealership to better serve Dave, as SMS is the most convenient method for him.


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