Reschedule Appointments Canceled by COVID-19: Automation

Reschedule Appointments Canceled by COVID-19: Automation

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reschedule appointments canceled by covid-19

Saying that COVID-19 has canceled most of 2020 so far is not too much a stretch – vacations were canceled, along with concerts, weddings, and countless appointments that had been scheduled sometimes months in advance.

With restrictions starting to be lifted now as the first wave of the virus appears to be subsiding, it is slowly becoming possible to begin rescheduling this backlog of appointments. Doing this manually would certainly make this task seem daunting and perhaps impossible (depending on just how many appointments had to be canceled) but with the right tools you are able to make the rescheduling process easy and almost effortless!

An automation platform such as the one SimplyCast provides can allow your organization to create an automated smart flow in which clients can be contacted en masse when the time is right to begin the rescheduling process.

You are able to send an automated email apologizing for these cancelations using a contact list stored in the CRM containing the information for all those contacts who have had their various appointments canceled due to COVID-19 restrictions. In this email, you can include a link to a form that recipients can fill out if they would like to be contacted to reschedule their missed appointment.

This is where the beauty of automation comes in.

If an email recipient fills out the form to be contacted, the automation platform will place this contact into another element in the flow that is essentially a waiting list, where they will stay until they have been manually followed up with by a member of your organization and their appointments are rescheduled. When the contact gets moved into this element, the system will automatically send out an email notification to the employee responsible for reaching out and rescheduling the appointment.

However, on the other hand, if a recipient of the email does not open the email or fill out the form after a specified amount of time, the system will move them into a different branch in the smart flow. This branch will be a delay element that will pause the contact for a specified amount of time. After the specified time has passed, the contact will receive another email with a reminder message and a link to the same form to fill out if they wish to reschedule their canceled appointment.

While this is a fairly simple automated smart flow, it will serve to greatly facilitate the process for rescheduling appointments once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted enough to allow your organization to do so. The automation platform will take care of most of the work and will keep your contacts and their information nice and organized for easy access once they need to be contacted.

The importance of having an all-in-one platform to manage communications is important under normal circumstances, however, it has become critical during COVID-19 now that normal operations have been all but suspended and there is so much more uncertainty. The need to be able to communicate effectively with customers and clients, keeping them in the loop and up to date as to your organization’s status and availability will go a long way to maintaining client trust and brand loyalty once things get back to at least a semblance of normal.

SimplyCast has built a robust communication and engagement platform that can help any type of business with their communication needs during this pandemic and beyond. If you or your organization is interested in signing up for a free demo of the platform to discover how you are able to leverage the power of automated communications, click on the button below. And, for more information about using the platform to help reschedule appointments canceled due to COVID-19, click here to access an informative one-pager.

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