Automation Leads to a Better Hiring Process

Automation Leads to a Better Hiring Process

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Better Hiring Process

If you work at a recruiting company or a temp agency, you know there's a lot of data to keep track of. You'll need to not only know information about both your clients and your employees, but you'll need to know which employees match up to each client, never mind the data-collection process when hiring new employees or getting new clients established within your database. Using automation in terms of human resources for businesses is an emerging practice, which has really shaken up the way repetitive tasks are handled, leaving more time for human interaction to ensure that your business continues to do what it does best – fill the gaps in the staff of your clients with eager and knowledgeable employees.

Get the right tools

You can use a customer relationship manager (CRM) to track interactions with both current and potential clients and employees. You could use this information to foster relationships between specific employees and clients, which may lead to a long-term job opportunity for that employee, and match an employee's skill set to what a client is most looking for.

It is key to build a bit of a profile for your desired employee before you start using automation in terms of executing the hiring process. You need to ensure that you are targeting them through the format in which they are most accessible. For instance, if your desired employee doesn't spend much time using search engines for opportunities, and is instead tied to using one or two specific job boards, it would be best to post an external link to your online application there to start them along the process. Understanding the habits of your preferred employee before executing the automation process will cut down on unnecessary effort and save time in the long run as you won't be looking in places that they won't be.

Automate the process

For post-interviews, you can pair your decisions with the data already inside your CRM, which will allow you to send out pass/fail emails. Within the context of this communication, you could also send out a survey to learn how prospective candidates perceived your company's hiring process. Information such as this, as well as inputting relevant information on any new hires into the CRM, will allow you to further validate your hiring process and make any necessary changes to ensure a wide and preferential candidate pool.

Automation is also useful in a situation where prospects may not currently be looking. Through building a profile for them, you can create a targeted campaign to nurture them, ensure they become invested in your company, and inform them of any new opportunities that happen to arise. By ensuring there is an open line of communication with desired prospects, you are able to do most of the work in the event that they happen to be job searching. When you announce a new position, you can even schedule social media posts to specifically engage them about the opportunity. This is a small act, but it makes your company seem as though it is personally invested in their success, and will turn what may only be an employee into someone who cares about your businesses continued success.

Try it for yourself

SimplyCast is the ultimate platform to use in your recruiting efforts. Not only does it contain a CRM that can integrate with an increasing number of other and legacy CRM platforms, the SimplyCast 360 platform can send custom-made, targeted email communications, no matter where you are in the process. There are also built-in social media platforms to further advertise and target any job postings you may have. Explore these functions and much, much more by signing up for a 14-day free trial of SimplyCast 360 today.

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