Marketing Automation: Supporting Patient Scheduling Software

Marketing Automation: Supporting Patient Scheduling Software

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Patient Scheduling Software

Patient scheduling is often hectic. Patient availability changes at the drop of a hat and appointments are often missed, costing the doctor time and money. Scheduling an appointment isn't enough anymore, and offices are looking for a better way to be sure that the scheduling sticks. That's why scheduling software is such a good candidate for integrations with a marketing automation software. Marketing covers any interaction with a patient, and automated messaging tied into the scheduling software means that doctors and their offices can be in contact with clients as often as necessary while maintaining an effective scheduling software.

Imagine having the ability to message every patient in a work week to remind them of their appointments, pulling names, appointment times and the name of their doctor from their patient profile to make each email personalized to the patient. We can do that together. Consider knowing what a new patient's largest concerns and interests are based on what they've looked up on your web page. We can do that too. Keep track of and assist patients with chronic or life-threatening disorders. By sending them emails or SMS messages, you can remain in contact with those adjusting to a new medication that may stay with them for the rest of their lives.

You could also use this system to remind clients who have already been in for an appointment to perform followup tasks like blood work, specialist appointments and so on. For specialists, this tool is valuable as it can help remind clients of appointments, the scheduling of which is often a month or more in advance. Another feature that could easily be arranged within our software is the implementation of emails educating the patient on how to prepare for the appointment. This is particularly true for specialists, who need specific conditions in order to observe the issues they need to look into. It could also be applied to new patient acquisitions or transfers as well, so that medical records are transferred properly.

For more information on how automation can be used to improve patient scheduling software, check out our marketing automation page. This will show you all our features, so that you can get a clearer picture of how we can interact with your software. In fact, we just opened an integration fund, so hooking up our software is easier than ever before. For more medical marketing tips and tricks, have a peek at our medical clinic page.

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