Make the Automotive Recall Process Easier, More Efficient

Make the Automotive Recall Process Easier, More Efficient

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You've surely heard about the new U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration regulation requiring automakers to make vehicle recall information more readily available on their websites and to communicate directly with their customers to inform them of any recalls. Have you thought about how you're going to comply with it? Safety is a critical issue for customers when it comes to buying and maintaining a vehicle. Dealerships and manufacturers that go above and beyond to make safety a top priority gather large and very loyal customer bases by creating a strong sense of trust. Automotive companies need an efficient solution that allows them to not only adhere to these new recall requirements, but also to exceed their customers' expectations, without overwhelming their staff resources and budget.

SimplyCast 360, the 360 Automation Manager, is an automated platform that integrates many different forms of communication into a single, powerful tool. You do not need specialized technical skills or experience to create and send messages. It sends automated messages by email, SMS and voice as well as integrating with your social media accounts. It sends messages based on individual user data and time filters, and you can decide exactly how you want messages to be sent. There is no need to manually segment each contact on your list, which could take hundreds of staff hours. The 360 Automation Manager also allows you to reduce your budget by consolidating all your communication needs into one easy-to-use solution.

Using the 360 Automation Manager, you can immediately contact every customer to give them the relevant recall information. The automated communication solution will separate each customer based on what type of vehicle they purchased, how long ago they bought it and any other restrictions you enter. If the 2012 Model Y from Brand X was suddenly recalled, the 360 Automation Manager would send messages to each customer who purchased that specific model and brand in 2012.

You can also schedule additional messages to send after a period of time has elapsed. You can, for example, set a second message to be sent to anyone who has not opened the first message after a week. There is no need to keep track of each individual customer, as the 360 Automation Manager segments each customer based on their actions, and will automatically send messages based on the data it has collected.

The 360 Automation Manager sends messages through email, SMS and voice, so you can reach each customer in the way that is most convenient for them. Customers can select how they prefer to be contacted at the time they purchase their vehicle. The automated platform will send messages to each individual customer over the mode of communication they have already requested, so the customer will be certain to receive the important recall notice.

The 360 Automation Manager can also automatically post notices on your Twitter feed and Facebook page so more people have access to the message. Social media is a great way to spread a recall notice, and to deal with the questions and concerns that inevitably follow a recall. You can schedule automated updates to appear as often as necessary on your social media pages, without having to manually update your pages constantly. You can also post or tweet links to additional information so customers can find answers to common questions.

By efficiently communicating recall information and safety updates to your customers, you show them that their safety is crucially important to you and you build their trust. Each customer can be reached through a voice message, an email or an SMS message and each customer will receive messages that address their individual needs. SimplyCast 360 helps to create a customer experience based on trust, communication and personalization, without adding to your workload or overall budget.

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