How to Use Autoresponders for Marketing

How to Use Autoresponders for Marketing

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Use Autoresponders for Marketing

Autoresponder Programs for New Email Subscribers

For a new subscriber, autoresponder programs are a great way to thank them for signing up, confirming their subscription and kindly asking them to add your email address to their contact list.

Since email programs are notoriously finicky, emails from unknown addresses usually end up in someone's junk folder, or even worse, labeled as spam and totally blocked.

To avoid this catastrophe, use a text format for your first interaction with your new subscriber. Text emails usually pass all of the stringent tests and find their way into the recipient's inbox.

Unfortunately, HTML autoresponders aren't so lucky. Chock full of glorious design and wonderful content, these beautiful little emails are the first flagged as spam. Or, if the HTML email does end up in the proper inbox, it may not load properly.

Essentially, for your introduction, stick with text only. Yes, it is bland. Yes, it is boring. Yes, it isn't the most creative thing ever. But, just think about the possibilities of wowing them down the road after they accepted your email address!

Do use a text format for any introduction autoresponder.

Don't use HTML initially, but switch when your email address is accepted.

Maintaining Autoresponder Subscriber Lists

Regardless of what your client list is, ensure that it is updated and accurate. Most autoresponder programs automatically update subscriber lists. However, don't leave it up to the objectivity of a program.

As your subscribers change and update their information, by not analyzing what they are updating to or unsubscribing from, is very dangerous for your company.

If there is a critical mass of subscribers unsubscribing from a certain autoresponder blast, then look to the reasons why they are doing so. Is it frequency? Is it content? Whatever the answer may be, ignoring the information your subscribers are providing you are detrimental to your entire marketing strategy.

Do check and update your list regularly.

Don't assume your list is accurate.

Keeping Autoresponder Content Fresh

One of the biggest problems with autoresponders is the lax attitude it derives. Meaning, once you set up your autoresponder programs for whatever your needs are, sometimes you forget that your content isn't all that fresh.

The easiest fix for this problem is to keep your content relevant and exciting.

Whatever your autoresponder schedule is, check regularly to see if your content is fresh.

For example, if you send out an autoresponder program for every anniversary of a subscriber, and you haven't updated, say, the special offer, the subscriber will see right through it.

Check monthly autoresponders every 2 weeks for relevancy.

Check quarterly autoresponders every 6 weeks.

Check yearly autoresponders quarterly.

The bottom line is that though autoresponders are a great way to take the extra weight off your marketing shoulders, it doesn't mean that taking the easy way is okay.

Treat your autoresponder as if it is another email blast or blog update: you wouldn't repeat stale content for something that is instantaneous, so why would you do it for your autoresponder?

Do keep your autoresponder content fresh and relevant.

Don't assume your content is perfect.

Watch for more tips on autoresponder programs and marketing, Twitter, email and other online strategies in future blogs.

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