Autoresponder Marketing: Trends To Follow In 2011

Autoresponder Marketing: Trends To Follow In 2011

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Autoresponders are as synonymous with online marketing, but there are some new trends for 2011.

Though there are some considerable downsides to using autoresponders (impersonal, for one!), for burgeoning companies, they are, without a doubt, a lifesaver. Especially for companies that use more than one type of marketing, autoresponders can not only be practical but also convey your company's mission simply and effectively.

Trend #1: Scale Back Autoresponders

People know when they receive an automated message.

Autoresponders are reconfirming some act, say, signing up for an email blast or, usually, predetermined emails sent out at specific intervals.

However, the trend for 2011 seems to be less is more.

Autoresponders are cumbersome, impersonal and easily ignored.

By redirecting your autoresponder focus you will ultimately boost your business and overall effectiveness.

Creating a personalized and engaging autoresponder is entirely more effective than generic automated responses that typically garner zero interest.

For example, after a subscriber signs up for your emails, send them a thank you autoresponder that offers additional information on other types of emails. By doing this, you're killing two birds with one stone. Typically, after a subscriber signs up, another automated email is sent later asking the subscriber to sign up for additional news. This is a waste of everyone's time.

Instead of sending another, separate autoresponder to a new subscriber that has a special offer, consider including that into your thank-you email.

For 2011, the takeaway is to control your autoresponder use and ensure that they are immediately effective.

Trend #2: Direct Messages on Twitter

As you may have learned from our posting about Twitter terms for business, a direct message (DM) is a Tweet directed at someone specific in the Twitterverse.

Twitter is an unbelievable marketing tool, but it may become cumbersome. Instead, the trend for 2011 is to use direct messaging as an autoresponder. This allows you to create a direct message for, say, new followers.

For rapidly growing companies on Twitter, this automatically helps you send a nice, personalized message to your new follower without having to write a brand-spanking new direct message every time.

Just like any other online marketing strategy, ensure that your Twitter autoresponder doesn't sound spammy or insincere. Generally, people know about autoresponders, but the trick is to make them engaging and personal.

Here are some solid Twitter autoresponder suggestions:

  • Simple: "Hi! Thanks for following us. We look forward to your Tweets!"
  • Promotional: "Hey! Since you've decided to follow us, you're entitled to this great special offer!"
  • Casual: "Hey there! Because you've decided to follow us, that means that you're awesome."
  • Questioning: "Hello! Thank you for following us. We're always excited to hear from our customers. So, what do you think?"

Whatever tone you adapt with your Twitter autoresponder should directly relate to the type of company you are. If you're naturally chummy, stay that way. If you're idea is to push products, then do it.

Ensure that your Twitter autoresponder highlights who you are as a company.

Watch for more tips on email marketing, Twitter, SMS marketing, and other online strategies in future blogs.

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