How to Beat Writer’s Block and Improve Your Content

How to Beat Writer’s Block and Improve Your Content

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Beat Writer’s Block

We've all been there: you're writing and then you just hit a wall. You could be writing a blog, email, a research paper, anything – writer's block happens to writers of every form. Here are some steps you can take before and after writer's block hits to help you improve the quality of the content you produce.

Steps before writer's block? It doesn't really sound like something you can prevent, right?

You'd be partially right. In some cases, writer's block is inevitable but you can limit how much it affects you.

If writing isn't something you so on a regular basis, it can be easy to push it off until you have a few spare minutes. By leaving your writing as something to do "on the fly," you're creating a task that can become very stressful very quickly because when it comes around you will feel that time crunch.

Set aside an hour or so every day to work on your writing. This way, you know you'll have time to get your writing done instead of rushing to do it at the last minute so even if you do get writer's block, you'll have time to overcome it.

But, how do you overcome writer's block?

One way to do it may seem counterintuitive: take a break. When you get writer's block, you can start to get tunnel vision and you can't seem to think of anything else. Go get a coffee, walk around the office, anything that gets you away from your desk for a few minutes. This clears up your mind and helps you refocus.

Still can't overcome it?

If a break didn't seem to quite help you beat your writer's block, just start writing. It can be complete nonsense, something you've already said, or a rewording of your last paragraph. This chaotic form of writing will help you get the juices flowing again and help you start generating new content that might work better than what you've already written. Once something clicks, just go back and edit the jumble and you'll see your content take form.

Writer's block can be difficult, but it shouldn't be the end of your writing. Just make sure you schedule your writing ahead, get up from your desk when you've hit the block, and power through and keep writing until something clicks.

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