Become a Better Broker with Marketing Automation

Become a Better Broker with Marketing Automation

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Marketing Automation

The stock market is the heart of the economy. Every day thousands of stocks react to corporate and world events to determine their worth, with the potential for pricing fluctuations to happen by the minute. Investment brokers need to stay on top of this rapidly-changing information so that they can provide the most important information to their clients and protect their financial futures. With so much data to parse, those that have many clients may spend a lot of time searching for and analyzing the information of a given stock. Engaging in such a time-intensive process is likely to greatly diminish the amount of time that could be spent on other aspects of the job, such as finding new clients or growing their network of sellers.

This is where the possibilities afforded by marketing automation software come into play. As the cornerstone of a broker's job is communication, automation proves a valuable tool for providing not only generalized information but also for reminding clients of appointments and allowing for greater outreach to sellers. The ability to save time when it comes to communication allows a broker to focus more of their energy on the analytical aspects of their profession and, in turn, provide better information regarding the current state of the market and where it might be going for their clients. Through the use of an inbound API, a broker could even automatically insert information on a given stock or investment, creating a dynamic experience in their communications with clients.

The use of automation software also allows a broker to see which information their clients are accessing the most so they are able to better tailor and personalize their communications for specific individuals over a variety of different kinds of communications. The modern age has made the office mobile. In addition to email, it is possible to deliver automated messages by SMS and telephone, ensuring that a client is reached on the platform that is most convenient for them.

Brokerages also have to deal with a lot of regulatory paperwork in regards to the buying, selling, and trading of stocks, bonds, securities, and assets. Through the use of tags in a Customer Relationship Manager, a broker would be able to know exactly which contact is in need of which kind of paperwork and where they are able to find it. They would also be able to offer financial advice and suggest specific investments based on the tags that are attached to a client. These examples should provide an idea of how valuable automation software can be to a brokerage as it not only allows for streamlined communication but also the ability to synthesize and act on external data.

SimplyCast offers an all-in-one marketing automation solution, no matter what field an investment broker specializes in, through the SimplyCast 360 platform. With over 15 different communication channels, including email, SMS, and fax, it offers incredible flexibility and near-limitless marketing and communication potential. Sign up for a free 14-day trial and discover how automation can help your brokerage today!

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